When you need a pit bull

Only a pit bull will do.


When you need a pit bull


When you need a PIT BULL, only a Pit Bull, or maybe a German Shepard, will do. (I’m not enough educated in “dogness” to know which is the tougher breed, to tell the truth.)

But Trump is THE Pit Bull we need. … And not a moment too soon.

His “manners” are, for the most part, irrelevant. In fact, I find him to be more than a little reserved and maybe TOO polite, given the urgency of our current situation. But he does seem to be trying to “play by the rules” as much as possible so he cannot be reversed by any legalistic, procedural interference.

Frustrating for some of us, yes. But the LAST thing we need is for Trump to start acting like those nay-sayers say, that he’s a wanna be dictator. Or be reversed on a technicality as soon as he leaves office.

It might take more time than we want to get the swamp drained, but ALL the possible loose ends need to be well covered in great detail, or we’ll just see a resurgence of the worst of the Deep State, Military / Industrial / Academic / Banking Complex once Trump leaves office.

Although, given the situations we all face after decades of being sold out by the Globalist Elite Presidential Poodles (Carter, Bush Sr. / Jr., Billary Clinton, Obama, and their many underlings like Dick Cheney, Zbigniew Brzezinski & Henry Kissinger) I think Trump is being FAR more than polite and reasonable, and well measured, in his responses to their civilization-destroying nonsense.

Personally, I have NO problems with his Tweets or rhetoric or whatever. He is saying what needs to be said in a direct, matter-of-fact way, speaking to the Hearts & Minds of REAL Americans, most of whom never got anywhere NEAR Harvard or Yale or any “proper” political etiquette. They were much closer to the wheel of a semi-truck or levers of manufacturing or agricultural equipment.

And probably have a LOT more common sense than the more “well-educated” among us.

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  1. For years US citizens have been screwed over by the most polite and “Presidential” of candidates. They look and act very Ivy League while selling our interests to any foreign government willing to pay the price. God Bless President Trump! Our continued freedom rests solely in his hands because we as a country do not seem very interested in defending it. All we seem to care about is gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana.

  2. A lot of truth in this, but common sense will never compete well with activism, since common sense will not allow the person to push beyond common decency. Activism pushes people not only beyond common decency, but beyond self preservation as well, and it will regenerate since it prays on the under informed. When attacking a Hydra, one can’t slowly cut one head off at a time – all heads have to be chopped at the same time or they will regenerate.

    In other words, “time” is not on the side of the swamp drainer, it is on the side of the swamp. to drain it requires an immediate and large pipe, if you will, anything smaller and slower will just let the swamp regenerate, and in the end, swallow the would be drainer.

  3. The thing is… the Deep State knows we’re onto their game, and they’re just hubristic enough to think they can still get away with subjugating everyone to a totalitarian socialist-elitist government, essentially enslaving the populace to the collective while the elitists enrich and empower themselves.

    It’s almost as though they completely ignore the fact that most fascist dictatorships such as they want to implement end with those in charge dragged out and shot in a ditch… but then, their delusion requires that they ignore any contrary evidence. We see this in their refusal to nullify the CAGW hypothesis despite it now being proven that CO2 does not and cannot cause warming, and is in fact one of the most prevalent radiative gases in the upper atmosphere (all radiative emission to space is a *cooling* process), with water being the prevalent radiative gas below the tropopause and CO2 contributing a lesser amount of cooling there. Hundreds upon hundreds of studies now confirm this, with more coming out every week. The CAGW hypothesis is scientifically dead.

    Arm yourselves, practice your marksmanship, learn guerrilla tactics, keep physically fit… the time is nearing when we’ll be required to act upon that old Thomas Jefferson adage, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

    • “Arm yourselves, practice your marksmanship, learn guerrilla tactics, keep physically fit… the time is nearing when we’ll be required to act upon that old Thomas Jefferson adage, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.””

      LOL I am convinced that the One World Government types, AKA Deep State, want to see shooting in the streets in order to declare martial law and void the Constitution on emergency grounds.

      They are banking on the fact that the majority of conservatives do not vocally participate in government. Our bullets and rifles need to be massive protests and political action to support candidates that support our views. The Never Trumpers and RINOs need to be voted out of office for us to win.

  4. I always remind people who “don’t” like DT, I ask them…Please show me 1 article from MSM where they liked what he did since he became president….and I get a blank stare….I then simply say them….case closed….

  5. The Swamp Refuses To Be Drained.
    It is running the show, so it can obstruct anything it doesn’t like.

    “The purpose of the president is not to wield power, but to divert attention away from those who do.”

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

  6. Any names he calls people, they have always attacked him first and his words are never as bad as what was said about him…..

    I could easily list 20 negative adjectives about him that Ive heard from at least 200 people……

  7. Pit-bull is right, just what we need right now. Anybody that can call “bullshit” when it’s right in your face is the kind of honest guy we need. It’s a good thing he is such a nice guy, many of us would send the US Marshals out to bust these commie seditionists in the CIA, the Congress, the FBI, the DOJ, the Dept of State, and the treason-media. It’s time to throw their traitorous butts in a FEMA camp, or ship them to Cuba….

  8. These people are MAOISTS. I knew them very well at Berkeley which I fled back in 1971 when they annonced they were going to kill me.

    These stupid Maoists have happily latched onto the global warming scam because it means they can impose Maoist restrictions of our use of resources and energy and thus starve us to death!!!!

  9. I’m not sure what this message has to do with your message, Robert, unless this is your message. Sounds too political and not enough grand solar minimum.

  10. Robert

    I agree! I live in Britain where we have had to contend with Theresa May, her failure to deliver Brexit and her trying to get passed into legislation measures to stop “Global Warming” that would cost the British economy £1 trillion over the next 30 years.

    Hopefully our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson will indeed be a Pit Bull- like Donald Trump. He would, we hope get Brexit done and face down the Environmentalists and pro- EU politicians whose taxes and regulations would impoverish this country.

    In any case, a little bit of warming (and more CO2) would both help agriculture and food production here; moreover if the World is entering another cooling phase the last thing we should be doing is trying to make the cold spell more severe. Global cooling results in increased blocking patterns in high latitudes, more extreme weather- patterns and the failure of monsoons in the tropics (due to the tropical lands of Africa and southern Asia not heating up as much).

    The mid- latitude Westerlies become weaker as they shift into lower latitudes (caused by the expanding zones of Arctic and Antarctic bitter cold), they are more prone to blocking and other disruption- this leads to more droughts, unseasonable frosts, winter snow- storms, flooding in summer and even more severe heatwaves as high- pressure systems persist in higher latitudes in summer. Global cooling has more severe impacts globally than a little warming- and our leaders this side of the Atlantic prefer to listen to 16 year old Swedish girls lecture them on CO2 emissions!!

    Ian Pennell

  11. If Trump was a polite and diplomatic man the media would be just as vicious. His threat is the threat of the popular uprising, which wants to return to the old concept of limited government.
    Reagan was trying foe this and the media condemned him 24/7. And he was polite.
    In Canada, PM Harper also attempted to reintroduce the concept of limited government. And was trashed night and day. Not only was Harper polite he did not have any charisma.
    The threat to the media is limited government not Trump’s bluster.

  12. Yup, finally a R That fights for the regular guy/gal. Refreshing. Tired of leaders who do nothing for us but make promises and forget us after they take their oath. Keep fighting DT!

  13. I am not an american citizen but living in the EU. So I am neutral to the president of the USA but that isn’t accepted by the antiTrump supporters, anyhow in my soc. environment. By the way: one has to be a supporter of the US democrats. A friend wanted me to force to answer the question: either anti-Trump or pro-Trump. My answer was that the present EU chairwoman is a climate-fart. Spending billions of usd for climate neutrality seems to be quite normal for the climatists even when the outcome will be negative. Getting angry for waisting money is not done. So the question is: what is lurking beneath the surface in hearts of people.

  14. I think of Donald Trump as the Globalist Elite Presidential Poodle of the Israelis, the Globalist Zionists, and the Deep State, Military / Industrial / Academic / Banking Complex .

  15. problem is hes just one hound in a room full of feral cats!!
    pity theres not a few more less “politically correct ” entrenched minions handy to actually support him, so far his supposed suport crews have been either gutless spineless or brainless when put to the test.
    what I would like to see happen in my country and usa too is when the leadership changes ALL positions become subject to change also..that way the firmly ensconced lifetimers warming the seats of the supposed “public service” DIS service too often and right now ohbummers and the bushs minions and Klinton supporters are still IN their positions and blocking useful and needed change.
    we have the same problem in Aus KRudd and Liargillards remnants are still bleating immigration rights for boaties and all the socialist extreme crazy ideas, and in our govt media spreading their dreck endlessly.

  16. Amen, and hallelujah! Meantime–

    Rats’ dingy “Gulp of Magpies” (a term of venery) are beansprout jack-a-napes assaulting Cloud Giant castles-in-the-air with pea-shooters appropriate to their cranial capacities.

    To the extent these would-be commissars and gauleiters bleat-and-squeak their driveling inanities, voters reply: What’s atop yer shoulders beats what’s between yer legs.
    None of these simpering WOCs “represents” anyone but attitudinal poseurs whose collective IQ matches their shoe sizes.

    When the November 2020 dust clears, awarding DJT both Houses of Congress plus an unprecedented fourth consecutive two-term incumbency, Rats’ Frumious Bandersnatches will find themselves clipping down gutters into storm-drains– and good riddance to ’em.

  17. I could not agree more with you. All these years we have had polite, play-by-the-rules politicians – or that is the image they want to present to we, ‘the great unwashed’ citizens. The resistance encountered by THE PRESIDENT is a reaction of the leftists losing their grip on government infrastructure. I love it! Like watching Friday night fights as they are kicked out of the swamp with nowhere to go and all to see their true identities.

  18. Completely agree.
    Trump has experienced ups and downs similar to REAL Americans, albeit on a much bigger scale. Took what he was given and persevered to multiply it through hard work and diligence. Then in the 90’s, lost almost everything due to the building crash. He understands the doggedness required to comply with, and sometimes fight, the endless redtape of big government. He knows how to tackle big projects and rally the troops to get it done. He understands the risks associated with owning your own business.
    He understands our history and loves this great country. Unlike so many America haters in our government, he demonstrates that love openly and without reservation.

    I go with the pit bull…
    Go Mr. President. We are behind you!

  19. I believe that the shtf situation will hit much sooner than we think both financially and climatically!
    All we can do is prepare ourselves (and families if they will listen) and when the crash comes, the food shortages and even the possibility of pandemics we will sirvive!

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