Where do rich retirees go in the winter?

Where do you go when you live in a climate that wants to murder you with freezing temperatures?


Where do rich retirees go in the winter?

Brad Gillespie

It’s always refreshing to read articles on global warming that make sense, and aren’t alarmist.

I live in upstate New York, and for the most part, any retiree around here who can afford to, heads to Florida or North Carolina during the cold winter months. They drive to warmer weather, much warmer.

The progressive line about global warming is one backed up by an implicit belief, unquestioned — as if it’s a fact of nature, and that defying it marks you as some nitwit. Most of the believers just assume what they hear on most of the news channels and from anyone more enlightened than they are is gospel truth.

When you live in a climate that wants to murder you with freezing temperatures, any of the global warming nonsense doesn’t have much bite to it.

Comprehending the enormous forces that actually dictate climate alterations smothers the idiocy that ties together local weather patterns with global trends.

But any progressive leader worth his or her salt has to abide by the latest progressive trend (and thankfully, Trump is no progressive, and in fact is like a hammar steadily smashing away at it….ahhh…so refreshing, after 8 long centuries of Obama’s progressive surge).

The French people gave Macron a good smackdown as well — when he tried to raise taxes on fuel, to combat the huge contribution of CO2 from France that was so detrimental to the global climate.

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  1. trying to get it through to fools who trust in msm spinmeisters telling them than man can alter the atmosphere with .04 ppm co2 and who believe it with no question(and no science intellect worth mention) is pretty much a fools errand I fear.
    I didnt think my education was particularly good but looking back I at least had basic principles, and the desire and ability to read further to answer my questions
    now asking alexa or siri seems to be the pinnacle of enquiry for too many
    never mind the inbuilt warmist bias of both or the googmonster and msoft as well, in searches for anything.

  2. Very true. The nonsense put out by the alarmists is nonstop. They talk about health issues caused by global warming. Is cold good for rheumatoid arthritis? What about bronchitis? Do people slip and fall and break their legs because of warm weather? Winter can be misery.

  3. In Saratov, a camel took in tow a jammed “Niva” (video)

    An amusing video is rapidly spreading across the Internet, which was filmed in the Saratov region. The white Niva SUV got into a snow trap. He stumbled on the uncleared road with all his might, but all his attempts to get out of the snowdrift were in vain, until he appeared … A camel! Fortunately, it happened close to the Kumysnaya Polyana natural park, which is located just west of Saratov.

    A local resident, obviously, an employee of a natural park, quickly built improvised “reins”, where he harnessed a camel.

    It took the desert ship only a few seconds to rescue the Niva, along with the people in the snow captivity.


  4. Climates can’t murder. There is no intent or will to kill. It is a hazzardous elemental contingency that people have to adapt to or perish. On the other hand there very well could be an intent to murder by getting people to act or not act on the basis of false information in respect to climate. Getting people to be suicidally maladaptive by getting them to believe lies would constitute intent to cause harm or death.

  5. As a North Carolina native who moved back after a career in NM, I say Florida is fine, so is SC, GA, TN, and many other southern states. I have enough friends who are former New Yorkers. Give a chance to people in other states to get acquainted with you fine NY people!

  6. I moved to Hawaii from Oregon when I was only nineteen. I think it’s the smartest move I ever made. No more black ice or silver thaws. I live off-the-grid on solar in a semi-remote area near an active volcano where the land is still reasonably priced. It is great here most of the time as long as the volcano is not flowing nearby. Today it is a very cool 74 degrees F. So I recommend including Hawaii in your favorite warm-up destinations, Robert. Stay warm and cozy this first ice-age winter, my mainland friends. Aloha and Mahalo for all your good posts.

  7. They move somewhere more benign and likely tropical more in fitting with our physiology as tropical simians.
    Nature doesnt always want to kill you..as jordan peterson suggests..but then if you live in northern alberta where he grew up you might see how he came to think so…up there natures truly vicious unrelentling cold would surely seem out to get you. But when a tropical animal ventures off thousands of mile from the equator into extremely cold harsh environments what can you expect… Yes nature will not appear very nice.
    It feels much more benign and comforting in the equatorial band in climates our bodies are adapted to.

  8. If you’re planning such a move outside the USA, you’d better do it soon. Other milder countries will come to realize their value as the Little Ice Age continues its slow onslaught. They’ll start to put barriers, like minimum investment amounts (Oz & NZ are already in the $$$ millions) to get a permanent visa, or nationality. Pay close attention to their public safety records and how they do or don’t protect property rights. (that leaves out Mexico) A good place to start looking is with that Koppen Climate Classification System on a world map.

  9. Most of the worlds population live closer to the equator…..where its warm…

    The north is sparsely populated except parts of Europe which the Gulf stream keeps warmer..

  10. Lots of Canadians live in Toronto since it has a decent climate…FOR CANADA. An hours drive away in Buffalo NY, Americans have fled for decades to move to Texas, Florida, NC, even Tennessee etc etc where you have better weather….and LESS COLD

  11. @Julian…right. Our thermal neutral point is 82F; meaning we can sit in the shade without clothing at that temp and be comfortable. Other primates are about the same. We have not “evolved” to live in colder climes. We use technology…cloths, houses, fire, etc.

  12. not rich with no plans to retire at 65 .. but my warm place is a mile high farm on the equator in southwestern Uganda .. about 82F midday and about 68F at dawn .. every day of the year .. one of the highest thunderstorm rates in the world .. not boring

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