Where’s the heat?

“Arctic conditions Oct 2 2019 !!!” says reader. “NOAA. wrong again.”

The above map is from weather.com

Now look at the NOAA forecast. Notice any difference?



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  1. I want to see the AGW hoax exposed as much as the next guy but confusing wind chill with actual temperatures is not the way to do it.

    • Here in North Texas we are having another 90 + degree day. Since the beginning of July onward it’s been 90’s to 100’s just about every single day without exception. We push 10 degrees over “normal” all the time and 10 to 15 over normal for our over night lows…all this to say that if the whole of the world is about to go crazy from the cold, how does Texas fit into the picture? Or is this the exception to the GSM coming cold forcing change? Just saying, if it snows here this winter I will be very surprised. If anything resembling winter comes, I’ll be shocked.

  2. The heat’s down here in the south. We are sweltering. Don’t ignore our pain. The heat in the south and the cold in the Northwest cancels each other out. I am a so called climate denier but facts are facts and it is too hot to spend time outdoors here in S Texas. We are hoping for a cool front to bring it down to 85% for a high on Monday. Bring it on Ice Age, we are anxiously awaiting.

    • I am also in South Texas. Funny how my Summer and the Autumn – so far – were average.
      Hot in Texas? Imagine that! It was far hotter in the 1980s.

  3. Forgot the NOAA forecasts. They do a horrible job – especially beyond 30 days. Many areas will no doubt average below normal thru December.

    • The Earth climate is based on solar heat engine chaos, of the earth being in the Sun’s Goldilocks Zone, with a Sun which is a variable UV star, whose output is moderated by the gravitation interaction with a moving Solar System BarryCentre.
      With gravitational interactions, between the Earth/Moon/Sun.
      With interactions with Earth’s cycles of Precession 19K to 24K yrs. Tilt 41K yrs.
      With Orbit eccentricity with the later cycles of 100K and 413K years. Coupled with inconvenient geological events which start and stop Glaciation periods? The Younger Dryas Events should tell the Northern Hemisphere that they only thing keeping it warm is how much warm surface water flow up past Norway from South Africa from the Pacific, disturb that flow and the UK ends up like Labrador.
      And yet, the Warmists can say what the earth temperature will be in 20, 50, 100 years from now using heat island increases in warmth in urban areas as a guide and because of it we have to convert the human race into political slaves so that the master race can live the high life.

  4. If you do the same comparison going back 12 months you will notice the majority of the forecasts are wrong. Just like the map above.

  5. Next year will be worse with the cold. But then if its hot its ‘manmade climate change’ and if its cold, it ‘manmade climate change’. They cover themselves any which way!! ITS THE SUN!!!

  6. Off topic, but there is a funny video going viral of “Extinction Rebellion” protesters planning to spray the UK Treasury with red dye, but they don’t know how to handle a fire hose and it goes out of control.


    The fiasco seems symbolic. Those fools think that if they “control the narrative” then they control the Truth. Wrong. Those fools can’t even control a fire hose, let alone the economy of Venezuela. And the weather? They likely are wearing bathing suits in Montana’s deep drifts.

    We can’t control Truth. Better to respect It.

  7. I totally agree with MR166 here. Comparing apples to apples is better, and the “US Current Temperatures Map” is far more realistic. There’s no need to Fudge here.

  8. Regarding the unreliability of predictions:
    In computer programing there is an adage- GIGO , Garbage in, Garbage Out. There is also the distinct possibility that these misleading predictions are intentional. -Greg

  9. I love this website. And I am totally convinced that man-made global warming is a hoax. However, I have some problems with this post. First of all. The map you are showing is for wind chill values not actual temperatures. Secondly, the NOAA prediction map is showing the chance of temperatures being “above normal.” And, while we are experiencing a cool-down this week, the majority of the country is still seeing temperatures that are above the normal average. So, despite the implication of this post NOAA was CORRECT in their prediction since most locations are still above normal.

  10. The primary assumption behind Global Warming is wrong. CO2 is not a factor in determining temperatures on earth. There is no evidence in ice core data that CO2 has ever forced temperature. There is no evidence now that increases in CO2 force temperatures higher in the post industrial age.

    The primary assumption of the theory is wrong.

    Richard P. Feynman quote: ” It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”

  11. Ruth-
    I feel your pain.

    The only bright spot in the coming ice age, for me, has been the anticipation of cool summers. Now I discover that due to a funky jet stream, summers will be hotter in Missouri than before.

    I was still running my AC 24/7 a couple of days ago, now have to turn on the heat at night. Our high dropped 20-25 degrees overnight.

    My gosh, what is it? A manmade or natural diaster? The GSM? The end of the world?

    No, it’s just frickin’ Missouri weather bein’ its own perverse self. Disgusting!

  12. The extra humidity-

    THAT’S the GSM.

    I’ll do you a favor and not even get started on the bugs, except to say,

    “Hey, Al, the soup’s on!”

  13. To be fair, the top map is wind chill not actual temperature. We don’t let the warmers trick us with stuff like that so we can’t either.

  14. Crop dont seem to respond to “adjusted” temperatures.Corn: ND 22% mature,SD 33%, MN 39%.Their growing season ends late week with a snowstorm.

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