Where’s Your Leonardo?

Perhaps, it’s time to check the stuff collecting dust in your attic?

Where’s Your Leonardo?

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

A work by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, that is.

As you may have heard, one of his paintings, entitled “Salvator Mundi” (Latin for “Savior of the World”) just sold at auction in the Big Apple for the astounding sum of U.S. $450 million – not exactly chump change.

Mona Lisa – Wikipedia

No doubt, Leonardo (1452-1519) was a master of the arts, having painted the “Mona Lisa” (an oil painting on a poplar wood panel),  on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris since 1797, and “The Last Supper” fresco at the Convent of Sta. Maria delle Grazie, Milan, among other works. Unfortunately, very few appear to have survived the ravages of time, until now.

A Discovery

What I found most intriguing in the media reports was the claim that this painting “was recently discovered” as an original work by the artist, as reported by the New York Post (NYP). As the NYP also states, only twelve years ago, in 2005, the very same work was sold for a mere $10,000. At that time and still now, some connoisseurs opined it not to be painted by Leonardo.

It was not until restoration had been completed that “Scholars began to discuss whether it was an authentic Leonardo. Some still doubt the work’s authenticity, claiming it is too boring to be a Leonardo masterpiece” (NYP).

What’s in Your Attic?

Clearly, there are hidden treasures that only need to be (re)-discovered.

Perhaps, it’s time to check the stuff collecting dust in your attic?


Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at: mail@convenientmyths.com

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  1. Lol, the only thing I’d find in my attic is a dead rat!

    Speaking of finding things of value, I’m reading a novel by Scott Mariani (of Cassandra Sanction fame) called The Bach Manuscript. It’s about an old ms that a musician found in a bookshop and bought for fun for a few pounds, unaware that it’s the real deal. Apparently, old ms by famous composers can be worth millions of pounds, and they turn up every so often.

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