Which choice makes sense?

Trump: Close the borders to avoid pandemic;
Dems: Lock yourselves inside your homes.

Trump: Build a wall to stop trafficking;
Dems: Only around my house.

Trump: Open businesses;
Dems: Only I can get my hair done, my freezer has lots of ice cream.

Trump: Protect people against riots;
Dems: Defund the police and pay for my private security.

Trump: People have freedoms;
Dems: Only if they are rioting.

Thanks to Adoni for this insight

4 thoughts on “Which choice makes sense?”

  1. “Defund the police,” is for the purpose of getting rid of local police & getting a federal police force w no ties to the community– probably military.

  2. Stupid Americans it is not that simple.
    America is the World corona hotspot and there are too many guns among the common people!

    • The ‘common people’? Our ancestors had partaken quite enough of the bitter cup of lordships and rulers and vassals. The idea of the ‘common people’ denies the nature of the US governmental system.. the people are the rulers, their legislative, executive, and judicial branches are their servants. The very party that today attempts to deny others their rights to arms did so before… in 1868, as part of the means to control the ex-slaves, and the Republican party for whom they were voting, and by whom they were being trained in the use fo those arms.
      Our government is forbidden from creating laws that affect one group differently from another, and this prohibition has long been ignored by that very party, the Democratic party who was formed believing the vote to be sufficient to deny to the minority their rights.
      That regressive philosophy takes us back to before the Glorious Revolution and the Magna Carta, to the divine right of kings and the ownership of human beings as the personal property of their sovereign. It is sad that we’d reject the Enlightenment in this age, and pretend to be wiser and able to usurp from the people themselves the authority for whom, and of whom all law in the United States exists and acts, all Americans, co-equal in their sovereign authority, without serfs, without vassals, without lesser people under the law.

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