White Hell in Scotland – More on the way

Hundreds of motorists were forced to sleep in their vehicles as a ‘snow bomb’ and freezing temperatures brought Scotland to a standstill. 

Hundreds of homes and businesses across Scotland were also left without power as heavy snowfalls brought overhead energy lines crashing to the ground. Engineers are working around the clock to restore energy and heating.

One driver describe being stuck on the M74 for more than 16 hours during the “snow hell.”

The country was busy preparing for yet another Arctic blast.


Thanks to Stephen Bird and Rudy Fritsch for this link

7 thoughts on “White Hell in Scotland – More on the way”

  1. Looks like the Scots are taking a leaf out of the English book of ‘how to cope with snowfall’. I haven’t seen a photo yet of all this snow. Icy snowy conditions making driving treacherous yes, but snow bomb? Hell? Really? How would the Scots like 5 feet of snow in 48 hrs? Now that would be really, really bad! All the traffic cams on TrafficScotland have shown all major routes open as usual including the M74 which was only closed temporarily on a couple of sections until the gritters had dealt with the ice. Dozens of schools closed…how pathetic! Have they heard of wellingtons?

  2. Get used to it folks. Can you even begin to imagine how cold Scotland will be when the English are skating & holding fairs on the Thames again.
    Just hope your windmills, batteries, solar panels etc work in those conditions. EU won’t be able to help either ‘ cause they’ll also be frozen solid.
    On the positive side the Yousafs & co will probably return to whence they came!

    • Wrong:

      Yousaf, and his 5 wives and 24 children, will DEMAND the real Scotish pay up and provide him with heat, food and transportation….if not, all Yousaf has to do is scream “Racism”.

  3. After spending time in the UK, and studying their rigid city planning processes, one comes to the realization it’s ALL ABOUT FOOD SECURITY. We all get taught about the Irish potato famine, etc. but the UK has had NUMEROUS FOOD FAMINES in its long history. There was a “mini-famine” right after the end of WW2. When you add-in a dramatically colder climate, coupled with being told what, where, when farmers could plant by the Euro nannycrats, you can understand why Brexit will continue to go forward.

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