White-out blizzard in New York – Video

Oh man, does this make me glad that I don’t live in snow country!
Blizzard Strands Vehicles In Jefferson County, NY – 28 Feb 2020


Global warming sure looks a lot more desirable to me than having to put up with this crap.

Can you imagine how tough this has to be on wild animals living in the area?

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

5 thoughts on “White-out blizzard in New York – Video”

  1. Al Gore told us snow would be a thing of the past by now, Greta scolded us all like a bunch of schoolkids and told us the world was on fire and it was all our fault. This must be old footage from the days when snow still existed then.

  2. no chains? no fxd? why even try?
    and yes homeless people and animals would be dead or suffering badly;-(

  3. Anyone who’s been in actual whiteout conditions knows that this video isnt.So when travelers are warned of whiteout conditions in open country they think they can see I to drive.

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