Whiteout conditions spark deadly vehicle pileup near Montreal – Video

Nearly 200 vehicles involved. Two killed. Ambulances transport about people to local hospitals.

The crash happened around lunchtime Wednesday on the southbound side of Autoroute 15 in La Prairie, Quebec, a highway that connects the city of Montreal with the U.S. border in upstate New York.


According to the CETAM ambulance service, about 100 people were taken to three local hospitals, CNN reported.


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5 thoughts on “Whiteout conditions spark deadly vehicle pileup near Montreal – Video”

  1. ‘Over 200 vehicles were involved in a pile up due to it be a nice warm sunny day – death toll not yet known’

    Never going to see that as a headline are you? Cold weather is what proves deadly, especially snow. Avalanche anyone? Black ice on the road?

  2. Smoke, fog, snow, deer, etc.

    Whenever I drive on the highway, I always observe people driving in groups. So I stay in the space between. Driving in a pack makes me very nervous.

    Sorry, but I don’t have any lemming instinct in my DNA.

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