Why be concerned about a Grand Solar Minimum?

For starters, how about starvation, plagues and collapse of empires?


Why be concerned about a Grand Solar Minimum?

J.H. Walker

Europe experienced a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) from 585 to 620 AD.

That particular GSM was accompanied by a period of massive volcanic activity, including three widely spaced T6/T7 massive volcanic eruptions around the globe. Those eruptions masked the solar cause of the GSM. ( http://www.landscheidt.info/images/c14nujs1.jpg )

Swiss researchers documenting the GSM identified the 10-year changeover from the solar warm period benign warmth to cold, wet and very windy of the GSM.

That GSM ended the western European Roman Empire in starvation and the diseases of the Black Death.

See: “Late Antiquity Little Ice Age Triggered Plague, Decline of Empires, and Migration”

The researchers, led by Ulf Büntgen of the Swiss Federal Research Institute, wrote an article for the journal Nature Geoscience abstract) saying the climatic changes caused “societal reorganizations” in Asia and Europe.

Their abstract states:

“We find an unprecedented, long-lasting and spatially synchronized cooling following a cluster of large volcanic eruptions in 536, 540 and 547 AD, which was probably sustained by ocean and sea-ice feedbacks, as well as a solar minimum. We thus identify the interval from 536 to about 660 AD as the Late Antique Little Ice Age. (emphasis added) Spanning most of the Northern Hemisphere, we suggest that this cold phase be considered as an additional environmental factor contributing to the establishment of the Justinian plague, transformation of the eastern Roman Empire and collapse of the Sasanian Empire, movements out of the Asian steppe and Arabian Peninsula, spread of Slavic-speaking peoples and political upheavals in China.”


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  1. “That GSM ended the western European Roman Empire in starvation and the diseases of the Black Death.”

    Robert smart people would be concerned about such things.
    Everyone else will come up with lame arguments for why they and people like you shouldn’t be concerned. They will say it won’t happen in their life time or that it is just a conspiracy theory or false news. Like it or not the I want to know nothing crowd has to find out the hard way and risk losing it all getting educated. It might even kill large numbers of them.
    Just as it happened to the son of God and the prophets or apostles it will happen to you. The masses want to be entertained and lied to . The truth is a hard sell. Never the less telling the truth is the right thing to do. Keep at it.

    • John unfortunately you are correct. In spite of all the opportunities for education far too many refuse to learn from history…. This dooms the many to repeat the errors of the past.

  2. it all is about rulling the world to which science has been developped last decades. Controlling at least the environment of big cities by using drones, satelites, intimidation and misinformation by government, p.e. drilling people to obey math rules, war a.s.o. Another concept has been developped: direct causation. If nature is a selforganizing planet, it will also handle the present state despite what mainstream scientists are claiming.

  3. As of 2019, Gaia is currently experiencing her lowest temperatures in 65 million years. Having peaked about 7,200 YBP (BC 5200), Holocene Interglacial Epoch readings have declined for 3,300 years to levels 12 – 15ᵒ F below the Eocene Thermal Maximum 55 – 60 million YBP.

    Despite Earth’s 140-year “amplitude compression” rebound from a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) dated AD 1350 – 1850/1890, Holocene warming ended in 12,250 + 3,500 – 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny Eruption reinforced by a 70-year Grand Solar Minimum from 1350 to 1420. As shorter growing seasons and crop failures induced global famine and disease, human populations shrank 66% (!).

    Due to clandestine tampering with historical databases, the degree of 20th Century warming is imprecise; but odds are that levels were considerably below the prima facie inflated 0.6ᵒ F disseminated by culpable careerists from c. 1978. As evidence mounts that Dustmote Earth is entering a Super-Grand Solar Minimum due to last 70 – 110+ years from 2020/2030 through the early 22nd Century (Svensmark, Zharkova et al.), the fact is that Cold Kills. If the horrific 14th Century (AD 1313 – 1327, then 1350 – 1420) is any guide, Earth’s current 7.7 billion inhabitants face existential crisis through AD 2100+.

    • “Earth’s current 7.7 billion inhabitants face existential crisis through AD 2100+.”

      Things might not take that long. Famine and plague won’t take 80 years to cull the world population.
      Ebola or Plague will kill in a week or two. No food will kill in a month, no water in about a week and no hope in as little as 30 seconds.

      • yeah we were going to have the same back when ehrlich wrote his book in the 70s
        the current solar minimums low 55 or 60 days no sunspots and the lowest ever incoming solar wind Ive seen, at 0.05 was todays reading
        guess our mob will be joining the “amazing lost civilizations” soon enough if the warmist eugenicists got their way

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