Why climate alarmism continues unabated

“It’s cultic.”
– Prof Eileen Barker

Why climate alarmism continues unabated

Jack Spinner

Here’s the answer as to why climate alarmism continues unabated, regardless of all the evidence proving beyond any doubt that it is a carefully concocted hoax: https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-50435014

Pertinent quote: “Prof Eileen Barker of the London School of Economics, who has spent years studying groups like the Moonies and Scientologists, says there are similarities between OneCoin and messianic millennium cults, where people believe they are part of something big that is going to change the world – and no matter what the evidence, once they’ve signed up, it’s very hard for them to admit they are wrong. “When prophecy fails they believe more strongly,” she says. “Particularly if you have invested something, not only money, but belief, reputation, intelligence. You think, ‘Wait a bit longer.’” ”Money might push people to invest in the first place, but the sense of belonging, of doing something, of achieving something, is why they stay, Barker says. “And in that sense it’s cultic.””

So, you can debate the proper science to debunk the alarmists ad infinitum, but you have no real chance to stop their zealous belef in their version of the end-of-the-world hoax. It’s a psychological war that level-headed scientists stand little chance of winning.

All the while, kudos to Robert for his unwavering support for honest science.

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  1. Minor typo Robert: “So, you can debate the proper science to debunk the alarmists ad infinitum, but you have no real chance to stop their zealous belef in …” should read belief.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. This is what I have been saying for some time. Scientists and their documents are not going to budge this crowd. Art, emotion, ridicule, the tactics of persuasion and manipulation, such as the media use to brainwash the masses, are the only tools that will “re-brainwash” the majority of people.

  3. Just been looking up Bill Gates on Twitter. All he is talking about is polio vaccinations. I decided not to follow him because I always thought he was intelligent and had wide views on lots of subjects. He seems cultish now.
    I too can fully relate to this article having wasted no end of money on ways to develop mystic mind power.
    I also came to the honest conclusion that Alcoholics Anonymous was making my life worse not better. I have been ‘in recovery’ of AA for 24 years now but I’ll try to stop digressing on alcohol studies LOL.
    I can spot a cult in the same way Warren Buffett can spot a good stock.

  4. The Climate Cult CO2 Hoax is the same thing as the Crypto-Queen Pyramid Scheme based on the linked BBC article. Read it.

    …substitute Climate Hoax Carbon Credit investors for OneCoin investors!

    “Dr Ruja identified several of society’s weak spots and exploited them. She knew there would be enough people either desperate enough, or greedy enough, or confused enough to take a bet on OneCoin. She understood that truth and lies are getting harder to tell apart when there is so much contradictory information online. She spotted that society’s defense against OneCoin – the law-makers, the police, and also us in the media would struggle to understand what was happening.

    And, most frustratingly of all, she correctly guessed that by the time we realized it, she’d be gone, along with the money.”

    Al Gore and everyone who sells CO2 Climate Hoax CARBON CREDITS are MLM scamming their down-liners! MLM are Multi-Level Marketers …think Amway, etc. They’re selling air (as a product), OMG! Obama & his minions are outrageously guilty of this, too.

    Where’s the FBI? CARBON CREDITS are a FRAUD, it’s a pyramid scheme. How’s the most available thing (air) on this planet scarce or valuable? The HOAX is outright FRAUD!

  5. Nice quote which might apply to Scientology and Moonies as well as many others honestly, however prophesy has never been wrong. mans understanding has. The simple reason for that is far too many do not study scripture as scripture instructs it is to be studied. Too many impose meanings rather than let scripture reveal itself. Just stating some rather simplistic observations any one would understand had they been properly taught and if they had the interest to look.

  6. Climate Alarmism will die the death when the UK educational establishment admits the fraud over grants it has extracted from taxpayers to help create the new taxation based to flich money legally from people back pockets.

    The next 24 year of harsh cooling with monster winters on Victorian scales, with UK frozen rivers, of iced up wind power systems, of powercuts, in the main caused by Green Socalism to facilitate a maxist revolution within the UK.
    An inconvenient Grand Solar Minimum and an unexpected Brexit Leave vote and now a anti EU UK General Election have brought that plan to its knees.
    Socalism has always be a party of thuggery and racism as has the Russian state:

  7. If you want evidence that climate alarm is total fraud then I suggest this video proves that beyond dispute.


    It is from Australia’s ABC and was broadcast in 1973 – 46 years ago.

    It is all about how a computer model predicts we’re all gonna die from man made catastrophe such as pollution and – oh yeah – over population.

    We are supposedly already in serious trouble and we have – you guessed it – only a few years to fix things before modern civilisation completely disappears in the next 20 years or so.

    Things are much better than its predictions btw. Humanity has never had it so good as it is now.

    Same junk science 46 years ago is used today except they’ve added another bogeyman – CO2 – the demon gas.

    It takes about 438 ppm of CO2 by volume to give 666 ppm by mass and we all know what 666 is – the devil’s number.

    So there you have it – an absolute guide to how long man has left to survive – whatever time it takes to hit 666 ppm by mass or 438 ppm by volume.

    Probably a bit longer than Ocasio-Cortez gives us.

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