Why wearing a mask can actually be harmful

Forced to wear masked because some fearful people were complaining.

Why wearing a mask can actually be harmful

Jean S.

I recently found two excellent websites with information why and how (especially constantly) wearing a mask can actually be harmful to you. Both are by experienced health care providers.

As an FYI, I do feel that with my background (as a retired epidemiologist) I have a personal responsibility to share information of this type and to expose misinformation whenever I see it… but if it offends you feel free to ignore me.

(OK for you men, the one with the UK nurse, she is very pretty so have fun listening to her give you a “bossy lecture”).

(UK nurse explains why wearing a mask is bad for you)

I took a little drive this afternoon down to Tubac (closer to the border with Mexico) and on the way back had to go through the border crossing. Our poor border patrol offices are now being forced to wear masks (this week we are having a heat warning with temps expected over 100 degrees F). They work outdoors! But forced to wear masked because some fearful people here were complaining … despite the fact the ONLY time they get more than 6 feet away is when they suspect people of doing something illegal. They have dogs that can sniff for drugs and have done an excellent job detecting some really bad stuff people were trying to get into our country – including several recent attempts to transport huge shipments of heroin and fentanyl over the border here.

Note also there have been increasing incidences where YouTube and other internet sources have been censoring alternative information (much of which I agree with).

Doctors and Nurses: Wearing Masks Can Be Harmful in Several Ways!

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  1. I work at a large semi-conductor company that mandated two months ago that on-site employees must wear a mask. I have to wear one all day or I’d probably get in a lot of trouble, possibly even fired! Now that’s it’s getting hotter outside it’s getting more annoying too. Not much I can do, I’m five years out from retirement so I have to tow the line. I am not wearing one when I work in some of our rooms by myself so I do get a “breather” (pun intended) every now and then.

    • I fear that the Covid-19 nonsense is being shoved onto us by the same people that are shoving the man-made climate-change stuff onto us.

      • And it highlights that there are plenty of ‘experts’ who are not in areas other than climate science.

        And strangely enough, there is still the freedom not to read something that you either don’t like or doesn’t interest you.

  2. Robert, I agree with your concerns!
    Science, news, and even law enforcement has been perverted by political forces, and you see it in everywhere. I love your site and the stellar work you have done to show the global warming Al Gore fantasy for what it is. Expose truth, rebut the noise.
    We need to expose ALL the propaganda so that people can see it for what it is. And expose the sources.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Jean S, thank you for this. I have a neuro problem which is immediately affected by mask-wearing. Santa Barbara County has joined the State-wide order to use a mask, as a “price” for economic partial reopening. So today I find the last of the grocery stores is mask-mandatory as well as the buses. So your info is more than academic for me.

    I am going to ask you a favor: With your professional background could you evaluate a Judy Mikovits link? There are several Judy interviews out there, but this one is so information-rich, especially in the second half. It’s a Dr. Mercola interview and I don’t always agree with him politically, but at least he has the virtue of considering new ideas.

    Anyone interested in immunological science will learn from this interview.
    https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/05/24/is-the-new-coronavirus-created-in-a-lab.as Basically, Jean, I want to ask you if her info is sound. I lack the background to critique it, and it is potentially quite important.

    • Penelope,
      Yes I’d be happy to get back to you on this! I have been out of town for the past 3 days because they were paving my street and I didn’t bring my computer. I had a hard time sleeping at the hotel, so maybe not until tomorrow.
      ~Jean S.

    • Penelope,
      I tried to look at the link but there is no longer anything there (I would assume it’s a kind of censorship going on, which she’s been subject to before). Did you happen to copy the article (if so, could you post that since the link doesn’t work??)

      I would have to say though that I’ve seen some of her interviews and believe her to be credible. That being said… please know I am *not* an expert on microbiology or lab research (although I’ve touched base and did a bit of work in the latter).

      I’m going mainly based on my gut feelings that Judy Mikovits is telling the truth, plus my personal understanding of research design methods and some rather creepy things I observed in my career in times when I worked on research projects.

      There is (and has been for centuries) a LOT of serious corruption in the medical research field, unfortunately… .and it is very hard to toe the line and become a whistle blower. Those who do almost always suffer from their choices, as did/does Judy Mikovits. That she paid a serious price for speaking up… and still had the courage of her convictions speaks a lot to her integrity as a scientist… in my opinion.

      Since you mentioned you have “a neuro problem which is immediately affected by mask-wearing” it might be helpful if you could get advice directly from the provider you use and trust to address that problem. Might he/she be able to support your non-mask use by writing a letter you could use? That may not work, however… my cousin has told me he has tried to do something like that (and yes for a documented severe health problem he has, aggravated by mask use), but he’s still been denied entrance to a grocery store.

      • Jean,
        Yeah, I guess the link is gone. My county’s mask order does provide an exemption for people w a doctor’s letter, but it will probably need an argument I may lose at each shop. If I can’t get past them my fall-back might be the shield that’s officially unacceptable.
        Pity the world is no longer amenable to logic.

        Thanks. I enjoy your posts. Thank goodness for Robert & his friendly and fun site!

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