Widespread Antarctic cooling

A reanalysis of the WMO 1981-2010 2m temperature  anomaly for June, 2017, shows widespread Antarctic cooling.


Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link

9 thoughts on “Widespread Antarctic cooling”

  1. And they say global warming is melting the western Antarctic ice cap but it’s cooling even though it’s cooling it’s still going to melt so don’t worry the sea level will rise and we are all going to drown and die anyways so either way we are all doomed. SMH

  2. even with the data there i noted the refusal to consider let alone accept that models and adjustments arent worth a pinch of poop compared to reality
    it really will take some of them being ice or snowbound n starving to begin to admit whats occurring

  3. Maybe we must consider heat flux from inner earth and its effects on ice. I’m referring to the last iceberg from Larsen C platform: in that area there are many faults and intense tectonic activity. Near the tip of antarctic peninsula we can find a high hot anomaly on earth heat flux…

  4. Predictions based on real world evidence and observations and past trends on the other hand can predict the future

  5. It makes sense to me. The protective ice barrier around antartica, actually keeps the area warmer – no? And now that it is blown away from last year’s storms, all the sea water in the area is free to radiate energy into space cooling it faster than normal.

  6. There isn’t much warmth down there at all relative to normal, except for maybe a very small part of extreme NW and NE Antarctica. Nearly the entire continent is substantially below average. Plus a short while ago, Greenland dropped to -27F, a new record low for Northern Hemisphere in July.

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