Wild video of blizzard at Hurricane Ridge

Snow drifts almost as tall as a two-story house.

Video posted 29 Jan 2018

This is the same ski area in Washington State that I posted about yesterday.
The ski area has been closed for three days – Too much snow.
(Probably warm snow, though.)

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2018/01/29/hurricane-ridge-liv es-up-to-its-name-in-this-wild-blizzard-video/?utm_term=.303082a5b745

Thanks to Jimmy Walter for the link to this video

11 thoughts on “Wild video of blizzard at Hurricane Ridge”

  1. IT is not just a matter of too much snow, but rather the idea of driving an automobile, (technology only about 100 years old), up above the “previous” snow line, to stay overnight, is absurd.

    Somebody forgot to tell the ski industry that the last 150 years of unnatural warming was, well, unnatural. Also, the low level of snow for the last 150 years was also unnatural.

    Somebody forgot to ask the ski industry, lodging industry, latte drinking frosty window yuppies, what will they do when the snow is 20 feet on the roads leading to their little chalet? When it snows non-stop for 3 months? When the oil (oh, NO, not oil) in their Subaru freezes solid or the Battery Acids in their Tesla coagulates?

    As it was in the past it shall be in the future…….. Impassable mountain ranges to man, horse, motorcycle and car. All those roads over the Rockies? Well, one had better start planning ALL Traffic to go through Southern Texas. Hell, forget Central and Northern Texas for 6 months out of the year and EVERYBODY will learn to take I-10

    Want some infrastructure construction in that TRUMP bill? Turn I-10 into 5 lanes each way. They better start construction NOW.

    • I basically can accept nearly everything you say accept for one term – unnatural warming. Sorry, this warming was entirely natural just as the apparent cooling is also natural. I accept you probably didn’t mean it to sound like this was anything other than warming driven by natural climate drivers, but it actually sounds like you did.

    • I think it is too late for society.

      The warming agenda is too entrenched in people’s psyche, it literally takes one maybe two articles to introduce a new term or concept to explain the current patterns. It quickly get assimilated into what is essentially a belief system, since it fits a predetermined criteria!

      Many people have no idea they are being manipulated by propaganda, and will happily ignore logic and reason if it does not meet a specific criteria. People are literally wishing the ice away to affirm their beliefs!

      But the evidence is mounting that we are heading for a change in the current trend. Some clues are small, but there are cycles that are converging, like holes in Swiss cheese! such as orbital wobbles and sun spots, increases in cosmic radiation, volcano activity or destabilising polar jet streams, a slow down of ocean currents.

      All receive very little attention in the mainstream media, but what does it mean.

      I consider myself a sound critical thinker, and I believe there is a pattern. But I don’t think many of us can put our finger on it, but the spidey sense is tingling 🙂

  2. @Global Cooling:

    I-10 AND the railroad there were built as the winter low-snow route. The annexation of part of Mexico (er, pardon, “Purchase”) was to facilitate that route… This was known back in the 1800s.

    Now not so much… but soon, once again.

    I regularly drive I-10, but only do I-20, I-40, I-70 or I-80 “weather permitting”… Though I did do I-80 one summer to Florida from San Francisco to avoid a hurricane over I-10 Texas / La… (it is only about 4 hours longer….)

    Basically, during hurricane season, track north as needed. During winter, go as far south as possible. In between, I-40 (“route 66”) is prettier 😉

    • Did the USA purchase any part of Mexico? I was under the impression that California, Texas, etc. were “land grabbed” from Mexico.

  3. Blizzard on Hurricane Ridge.

    Decades ago, on Whistler Mountain –before safety became such a concern. Riding up the “Red Chair” in a storm, a double chairlift. They would shut the lift down when the wind got up to 60 mph.
    Before that, if it was diagonal to the lift the chairs would get a lot of “sideways” in them before they would shut down the lift.

  4. The Arctic polar ice cap extent is meaningless. The ever increasing numbers of ice breakers and cruise ships plowing through the Arctic is not expected to have any impact on ice extent or thickness ?

    But why is everyone so certain “global cooling” is imminent ?

  5. Hurricane ridge is a pretty awesome place. At an elevation of approximately 5000 feet, it gets a ton of snow and wind. The ridge is completely exposed on its southwestern side and very little snow accumulates there due to the high winds and lack of tree cover to capture and hold the snow. You can check out the cameras at the National Park website for The Olympic National Park.
    The ridge is also located to the east and north of the main mountain peak of Mt. Olympus and is in somewhat of a rain/snow shadow because of it. The Olympics get a ton of weather and constantly changes. The western side of the peninsula is very wet and damp with heavy snows common on the south and western side of the mountains. Look up the towns of Forks, Skokomish or Humptulips, WA for a history of average rainfall amounts for the west and south sides. The eastern side is much drier and has at times even been described as a Mediterranean climate. Look up the towns of Port Townsend, Sequim or Port Angeles, WA for a history of average rainfall amounts for the north and east sides. It’s a big difference.
    If you haven’t been to the Olympic Peninsula, it’s worth a visit. Snow, rain and wind are a normal part of life for that place.

  6. Still the weather is fine overhere, above ‘normal’ temperatures, bit of rain and snow only in the mountains: west EU. I quote: “Battery Acids in their Tesla coagulates?” No one cares. Everyone must have all kind of smart things and do forget that old technics can be much better in some situations. Don’t bother whether it is warm or cold, one has to adapt the situation anyhow.

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