Will Franken on Climate Change and Greta Thunberg – Video

Not surprisingly, YouTube includes a warning with this video that “Climate change includes both global warming driven by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases and the resulting large-scale shifts in weather patterns.”

Recorded at free-thinking comedy club Comedy Unleashed, outrageous comedian Will Franken’s ‘Climate Change Trans Counselling’ sketch. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the Climate Crisis Emergency Terror.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video

9 thoughts on “Will Franken on Climate Change and Greta Thunberg – Video”

  1. Polymers (organic) are used in drilling fluids (muds) all the time now. I was the first person in back in 1989/1990 in Canada to research the use of PHPA for drilling muds and got approval to bring some into Canada during Texaco/Esso merger. It totally eliminated the use of KCL drilling muds after that… saved many many millions of dollars not including all the disposal costs.
    We used three classes/types of hydrogel polymers depending on how damaging they would be to the rock face (emulsions) to drill past the pay zone. They are great for stopping water absorption and adsorption to prevent shale swelling and sloughing. Oil muds are used a lot now, and with the high tech PDC drill bits and directional tools, wells are drilled in a fraction of the time [and cost] it took only a few decades ago.

    oh ya… polymers also work really well for eugenical injections as VAERS is now indicating… gotta love the science. Cheers Amigo

  2. Indeed. Isn’t it funny that any other explanation other man being the cause of climate change is automatically shot down by the powers that be. Even though we have a library full of scientific evidence to show that Earth has undergone endless climate changes down through its history without any help needed at all from Humans. Agenda anyone?

    • I’m afraid until people highlight who the puppet masters are, nothing will change. Nothing will change going after Biden, Kerry, AOC et al. It’s billionaires, even trillionaires driving this.

      It’s not pathetic little politicians, deluded ER activists.

      It’s billionaires.

      There aren’t very many of them, so going after them is very, very possible.

  3. If global warming is caused by a layer of CO2 in the atmosphere reflecting heat radiated from the Earth surface back to Earth, then presumably CO2 also reflects cold radiated from the Earth surface back to Earth. Thus CO2 is responsible for both warming and cooling (sarc).

  4. What is tragic is that the idea of “back radiation” from a cold object causing a warmer object to increase in temperature was shown to be nonsense more than 2 centuries ago by pioneers in early radiation science AND “modern climate scientists” do not understand this and have invented their own bullshit science called “radiative forcing” !

    Pictet displayed beyond doubt that the radiation from a cold object cannot possibly cause an increase in temperature and that the transmission of heat is strictly from hot to cold !

    Stupid beyond belief or lying scumbag egotists posing as “scientists” ?

    • I have several blankets I picked up last winter that reflect heat back to the source. They are made of polyester, but that molecule is somehow treated to not absorb heat, but reflect it back to the source. My cat loves them.
      It is not the same as deflecting cold by using insulating materials like a horse blanket or a woolen blanket to keep the cold out. I have thermals for winter when I’m outdoors in the cold. Where I live, it can get quite bitter when conditions are right.
      It’s a fascinating kind of fabric and I have a nice supply of them now, kept me all toasty and warm and made my kitty happy all winter.
      IF anyone can explain how this works – reflecting heat you generate back at you, please let me know.

  5. Sadly that’s just too funny I am rolling off the frozen chair.
    Oh no they are going to tax my laughs.
    Just too funny,

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