Will someone please tell the Pope? Argentina is the reality

Historic cold in Argentina. Global warming is a fairy tale for the idiots.

Will someone please tell the Pope? Argentina is the reality

Historic cold in Argentina. Global warming is a fairy tale for the idiots
By Argiris Diamantis

Pope Francis: Global warming a threat and urges action – BBC News. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds1PXsgGmMo )

Hey Pope, look at Buenos Aires, where you came from, and see how big the global warming lie is.

Unprecedented cold, minus 25.4 C below zero in Bariloche,

Argentina is the reality, global warming is a fairy tale for the idiots.

“July 17, 2017: Record of 25.4 degrees below zero in Bariloche and snow would fall until in Misiones.

The cold covered most of the country yesterday. Bariloche recorded the lowest temperature in history.”

Of course the MSM (Fake News) doesn’t bring this story.


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9 thoughts on “Will someone please tell the Pope? Argentina is the reality

  1. They already made their case. It’s all caused my the warming of the Arctic and the Antartic regions. Mr. Diamantis is right. The entire theory of AGW is for Idiots.

    • Yeah. The temperature in the Arctic has been below their arbitrary mean for over a 100 days now. That’s Glowbulll Warming for ya. It is instant death to draw a breath in parts of the Antarctic.

  2. Anyone pushing the bogus Globull Warming meme is a “One World Gov’t” Promoter. WHere does the Pope fit into this? The head of the One World Religion?

    • yeah reckon the “religious fanatacism” of warmists and the control of it BY the vatican is their wet dream.
      when Proof isnt forthcoming and Facts, are whatever they model them to be..
      its faith its blind and we’ve all seen n read enough history to know how badly that scenario plays out for the non believers;-/

    • There you have it. A Socialist priest who made it big. He will be cast aside like a broken toy when the world’s elite have no more use for him.

  3. LOL. He’s leading the Globalist agenda. His banks will be filled with the wests money. Money and power. They want it all centralized in them/Him. This is what people get so upset about. When this truth is told to them, they with out knowledge or researching the facts get nasty. What I said above is FACT.

  4. There’s temperatures below freezing in tropical Paraguay and there was an unusual snowing in the outskirts of Bogota Colombia where snow is really rare.

  5. The Pope is currently to busy throwing conservatives from the Vatican that do not promote his agendas. Not to mention the fact he is extra busy, trying to provide cover his left wing colleagues, namely his 2nd in command and current treasure George Pell of the Papacy who’s last mission before treasurer was to weed out pedophilers from within the ministery. Well, it seems the 2nd in command is headed back to Australia to court on multiple homosexual charges himself! And Cardinal Francisco Coccopalmario one the Popes closest collaborators was arrested on July 5th having a cocaine homosexual party at the Cardinal’s apartment with minors!
    For some reason I do not think hell will ever free over for these gents, and I truthfully feel for the Catholic community that put their trust into the word of God only to be slapped time and time again in the face!
    Past time for a change of guard at the Vatican and the push they promulgate for a One World Order and the misuse of young children at the hands of their so called ministers of faith.

    Again, nothing personal to the general conservative Catholic community, but the Vatican is putting on the face of the old Dark Age regimes that suppressed truth from the population at the expense of their converts.

    God Bless the true believers of Jesus Christ being to only path to the Father!

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