Wind farms “absolutely useless,” says Duke of Edinburgh

“In a withering assault on the onshore wind turbine industry, the Duke said the farms were ‘a disgrace,'” says this article by Jonathan Wynne-Jones.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke also claimed that “wind farms would ‘never work’ and accused people who support them of believing in a ‘fairy tale’”.

The Duke’s attack on the turbines  came in a conversation with Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of a leading wind farm company.

“Mr Wilmar said one of the main reasons the Duke thought onshore wind farms to be “a very bad idea” was their reliance on such subsidies.”

“Electricity customers are paying an average of  £90 (US$143) a year to subsidise wind farms and other forms of renewable energy as part of a government scheme to meet carbon-reduction targets.

Britain presently has 3,421 wind turbines, with another 4,500 expected to be built under plans for wind power to play a more important role in providing Britain’s energy.

Last month, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne called opponents of the wind turbine plans “curmudgeons and fault-finders” and described the turbines as “elegant” and “beautiful.”

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“Reality setting in?” asks Benjamin.

20 thoughts on “Wind farms “absolutely useless,” says Duke of Edinburgh”

  1. I love it when old guys finally lose their pretense and discretion and speak their mind about what they REALLY think– in this case, HRM’s husband Prince Phillip, father of the ardent environmentalist Prince Charles, finally tagging the whole “wind energy” notion for what it truly is: A FAIRY TALE. The wind farms may be “elegant” and “beautiful” but are a HUGE FRAUD played on the taxpaying citizens of EVERY nation they are forced upon to subsidize.

    • Wind Turbines are “Elegant” and “Beautiful?” Since when? They rank right up there with microwave towers, billboards, and mullet hair cuts …. UGH


  2. —I’d just love to hear what Prince Charles (the next in line to the throne) has to say about this! He’s the greenie who is an organic farmer and talks to his plants.

  3. Wind turbines are a blight on our lovely countryside with very little contribution made to our energy needs.

  4. If I remember correctly, they also do not work when you need them most. Year before last, during the big winter storms (with that mythical snow) they froze and did not produce electricity. Then, last year, during that big storm (was it virtual snow last year?) there was no wind to go with those below 0 temperatures. No wonder so many people died of the cold there – the power was out as well. Besides which, wind farms elf (extra low frequency) waves are hard on the environment.

  5. It’s true that wind energy is not as effective as it could be, but neither was the Stanley Steamer or Model T. Technology needs to be developed because the earth can’t live forever with coal, oil, and nuclear energy.

    • The Stanley Steamer and steam powered automobile concept was abandoned because of the economies of scale of direct “Fossil fuer” power.
      Funny to acknowledge but the basic premise behind the Model T’s motor is still in use to this day.
      Fossil fuels and Nuclear will outlast the human population of the earth. Some unknown as yet disaster will decimate the humans.

      • Had Chernobyl melted through to the water table forming a hydrothermal nuclear volcano, which it would have done without extreme heroics, and rendered half of Europe uninhabitable we might get a clue as to what kind of disaster might decimate the humans. Virtually every nuke plant in existence, by warfare (which alas is not extinct), sabotage, human error, natural disaster is capable of the same.

      • I think the Model T got about 21 mpg … Which, I believe, is about the same “average” mpg for automobiles today.

    • Recent scientific discoveries have suggested there is no such thing as “fossil fuel.” The research shows that Oil is a natural material formed through geologic processes. Oil is actually a sustainable resourse as the world continues to produce oil in abundance in perpetuity. I live in Manitoba which had hundreds of millions of years of vegetation and animal debris collect and buried under intense pressure and yet, we can find very little oil here, while Saskatchewan and Alberta which have always been at a MUCH higer elevation have vast oil deposits. If oil were truly created by vegetable and animal matter being compressed for millions of years than if anyone should be swimming in oil it is us.

    • Oh Geez…. Give it a rest! Please, we’ve heard enough already… For crying out loud… You can cover every square inch of dry land with windmills and it still won’t produce enough electricity to matter. Call us when you “Improve” the technology to the point where it is relevant, and can stand alone without my tax dollars propping it up!

  6. ah yes the royals..the duke wouldnt mind coming back as a nasy microbe to erase a few million of us nasty breeders from the planet. charles and he both refuse to allow turbines on their land…but dont stop the enforcing of them being placed on others land.
    after all they…are “special” dontcha know.
    since queenie signed almost all her powers over the the EU last year theyre more figureheads than ever.
    as I am in a previously owned colony, that still is nauseatingly subservient to the royals, the recent visit was yet another example of unwarranted cost for nought of value except media PR

  7. United Nations = 191 Poor Countries
    Poor Countries/Wealthy Countries = 191/1
    Votes for Redistribution 191
    Votes against Redistribution 1
    We lose
    Time to get out of the United Nations before
    it kills all the bats and migratory birds with
    their Cuisinart Windmills

  8. I used to enjoy driving through West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It can be desolate, but it is also very beautiful… OR, at least it — USED To Be. It has gotten ugly since they put up THOUSANDS of giant, ugly, wind mills you can see from miles away! Row upon row of them marching to the horizon. Just plain Butt Ugly..! They kill birds and bats, and they put out a whole bunch of EMF which can’t be good for anyone.

    I have to buy a license, and hunt during a season, prescribed by law, if I want to shoot a bird. You can be sure that I would have to pay a hefty fine for doing otherwise. And forget killing a bat. They bury you in an unmarked grave for that offense. But these stupid windmills can kill 24/7/365 and the Eco-Freakos are cool with that … Stupid windmills, stupid system, stupid people.

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