Wind turbine giant Vestas to cut 2335 jobs

Wind turbine giant Vestas to cut 2335 jobs

“Cos without massive initial and ongoing TAXpayer subsidies its dead in the water/wind,” says reader.

A total of 2335 employees are expected to be made redundant,” said Vestas in a statement today.

In addition, the company said it may lay off an additional 1600 people in the US.

Vestas last week issued a profit warning, saying sales for 2011 would be around $494.80 million lower than expected a few months ago, and that its expenses would be about $154.63 million more than previously forecast due to higher production costs.

It said it was preparing for “a potential slowdown in the US in case the present Production Tax Credit (PTC) is not extended.

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6 thoughts on “Wind turbine giant Vestas to cut 2335 jobs”

    • Agreed!

      It’s bad news for those who will lose their jobs in these tough times though. It’s bad for Obummer too (that’s actually a good thing!)

      I used to enjoy the drive on I-10 across west Texas … Not so much anymore. They put these stupid monstrosities up by the tens of thousands for mile upon mile, hour after hour of driving. It has ruined the landscape! The birds and bats flying through west Texas don’t stand a chance.

      The Eco Freakos beef about hunters, but all the hunters in the country don’t compare to a fleet of these danged whirligigs. For hunters, Bats are off limits and game birds can only be taken during daylight hours during specified, short, seasons and only a few may be taken per hunter. These danged Paul Bunyan Pinwheels kill birds and bats 24/7/365. And they’re ugly ta boot!

      These Wind Turbines are a total waste of resources. What a scam!

      • It’s funny how many jump on the bird issue. CATS kill and estimated BILLION birds in the USA every year. I don’t know anything that can compete with that.

  1. I actually like the look of the wind turbine but i don’t like its function and what it has done to our bird wild life, it is strange how the governments just don’t care about the truth and things that are more likely to happen. eg a north hemisphere ice age.

  2. what I also noted is the massive PROFIT levels they expect.
    when all the time windsupporters etc are claiming how nasty it is for coal gas to make profits?
    and yeah they(coalgas) do get some subsidies I guess, still, but nowhere near the massive and ongoing requirements that wind solar are sucking us all dry for.

  3. Here’s an idea: dismantle and melt down all the wind turbines, then change the name of the company to VESPA(Electric) and make electric scooters with the recycled material–

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