Windmill fire causes $1½ million damage

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Firefighters responded to a windmill fire at the SCE Sunwind Substation.

Fire crews are investigating what sparked the fire, which caused an estimated $1,500,000 in damage.

The first arriving engine company reported one windmill turbine involved with several spots of vegetation due to falling burning debris.

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  1. What’s youre problem with alternative energy sources? No matter what the climate will be in the future you will still have to pay for yor energy. I would prefer to be independent from this point of view and produce and store my own energy and the only few options available to us is solar and wind….nobody will give you free coal and oil but i only have to pay once for my windmill and solar cells.

    • …. and then hope that the wind blows and the sun shines. While that might be acceptable to satisfy your needs how about everybody else? By the way, how are you going to get the solar cells and wind turbines to your property? Mule all the way from China? A more efficient way to create electricity for you, would be to install a biogas ( methane)burner and feed it dung.

    • Boy are you in for a surprise. You really think that you only have to pay once? You’re a fool. Some facts:

      -The general engineering expert “understanding” is that after 20 years, by and large, solar panels will degrade to about 80% of 1st year output. That’s for the top solar panels! The cheaper ones, that is lesser efficient ones, degrade more. And since NO REAL life studies have lasted 20 years so far, nobody knows for sure that this 80% rule is accurate. But considering, that no early study of any product has ever met expectations, you can bet that 80% rule is very over rated.
      -What will you do if one of your solar panels breaks? And they do break you know. Did you know you can’t throw them away like any other rubbish? They contain, toxic substances like cadmium and arsenic. Did you know that? Do you really feel safe with something like that over your head at night? Did you factor in the cost of disposal? It costs more than the solar panel!
      -How are you cleaning your panels? If you do not wipe them EVERY SINGLE DAY, your panels are losing efficiency. In some places like deserts, you have to clean them EVERY DAY. If you are in an urban environment, panels can lose efficiency by some 0.5% every single day without cleaning.
      – As for windmills, they have been around longer, and the REAL WORLD results are just coming in. Windmills that were stated to last 25 years are now showing average lifespans of only 10-12 years. Why? Things like bearings are wearing out. So you can easily double the capital cost for that windmill. Furthermore, windmill failure rates are higher than expected. And power efficiency is nothing that people where expecting. Unless you are living totally off-grid, a windmill is useless.

      Nope, windmill and solar energy, is a total farce. Its COAL, GAS and NUCLEAR….baby! And so it should be. Until Man has figured out to do Fusion and Anti-Matter, that’s the way its going to be.


    • hey no worries with personal SMALL turbines or savonius rotors(curious how big green ignores them utterly yet theyr NOT a hazard to birds like rotors?)
      on rural areas isolated dwellings theyre fine
      in suburbia?
      scuse me grinning;-)
      we used small wind turbines with normal geared motors in Aus for many decades running 32volt marine systems to get by
      and an old style Lister or other generators for nights, they could use many fuels and were reliable for decades and repairable as well.
      many still running.
      again not in builtup areas or you have people muttering and councils fining you pdq.
      so? huge rare earth magnets in massive birshredders producing way less than stated outputs intermittently in isolated areas (preferably) losing to transmission lines what miserable little they produce?
      upsetting the running of reliable fuel powered grid networks and costing us all massive amounts MORE for any power we use due to subsidies short life spans and green taxes etc etc
      oh and massive rare eath using sorage batteries all over the place? unproven relaibility and a huge risk for fire and explosions in areas they are?
      inc your home?
      telslas wall mounteeds sound great..but sound isnt reality, and if , like their cars they go up in flames..the damage to homes n lives will be huge
      and the emissions from that are WAAAAY more toxic to all than burning v coal or wood etc

    • Any idea what a big windmill costs? And that it only delivers up to 25% of its capacity at max? And do you know that it can never ever compete with gas, coal or oil? And that a gas turbine has to be idling to pick up when the wind is down? So that you get 1 and you pay for 2?

      That’s my problem with alternative energy sources. It is prosperity decreasing. It costs more than it produces.

    • You are absolutely right. But you left out hydrogen fuel cells which operate with water as their fuel. I agree with the basic premise that “Climate Change” caused by manmade emissions is a scam to set up cap-and-trade rip-offs. But many of the people who post here, especially the ones who write essays, either are paid by fossil fuel companies or own stock in them because they seem determined to keep individuals enslaved and dependent to the very same oil, gas, and coal companies that traditionally collude with quasi-governmental utilities and their political cronies. Of course, even when clean energy becomes more efficient and cheaper than fossil fuels these same entities will figure out ways to screw us. Witness Arizona where the untility companies received permission to slap a $50 a month surcharge on people with rooftop solar because “they weren’t paying their fair share” of the overall grid. Or how about the price of a barrel of oil, under $50 a barrel, which seems to bear no market equivalency to the price of gasoline. It’s the same old song.

      • You mean hydro as in elevated water. Water itself is at the bottom of the energy cliff. Same thing with hydrogen and anti matter. These are energy storage technologies not energy sources.

    • I have nothing against alternative energy sources, as long as they are freely competitive with conventional power sources. I have friends living on a farm too far to be connected to a power line. They have to use solar cells. However, batteries are required at night, which are expensive, and have to be replaced at great cost. They also have regular break-downs of their deep-freezer and refrigerator due to the irregular power supply.
      Renewable power plants are subsidized with taxpayers’ money and conventional power is taxed to make renewables competitive artificially. Renewable energy was “born in sin”, because it is associated with the fraudulent AGW propaganda.

      • Our Australian friends may inform us about the replacement of coal fired power by wind- farms in some States.

        • oh yeah! my friend elderly and alone outskirts of major adelaide township was without power or water(pumps run on electricity) for 8 days!
          compensation? zero
          local services offering support?

          today I read that tassies been a bit dry again..hydro feeds mainland and themselves
          once again theyve fired up diesel gennys and had to BUY power from Victorian grid
          and we?
          are damned cold right now and down one power station that kept us able to ensure our own supply..
          not any more.

      • Battery storage is about to be revolutionised with us$100 per kwhr. This will change electric renewable viability.

    • If you prefer to have intermittent power, that’s fine. I don’t. So what is wrong with allowing me the choice of dependable power? You will NOT only have to pay once for your cells and bird choppers, you WILL be replacing them every 20 years of so. There IS NO such thing as environmentally safe batteries at this time, which, if you wish to have some semblance of dependable power, you WILL be replacing every 5 to 10 years. I can only guess, judging by your statement, you must also believe the Sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and that the sun never shines and the air smells bad where you appear to have your head.

    • Do you buy cars never expecting to have to do maintenance, also. Remember, this article is about a million plus dollars windmill that caught fire and burned. The thing is a total loss. You will spend money for repairs on a small unit as things wear out Current house batteries last about 5 years. Solar panels will need replacement in 10 years or less. The solar panels need constant cleaning if you live in a dry dusty area. You will pay many times the cost of a standard electric bill over a 10-year period.

  2. Beautiful !

    Sometimes I wish I had a talk show that I could just report stories like this on what a farce “green” energy is. I could go for 3 hours minutes straight on how wrong professor Hawking is that the world is about to spike in temperatures.

    • Green energy is not a farce. As any affordable alternative energy source that gives people a little bit of more independence is welcomed. If you have access to sun, wind , biomass, even a small creek than utilize it in your benefit …or do nothing and be a servant of those who takes initiatives.

      • Chris, you will be so busy tending to your multiple energy sources to get anything else done!

    • Lee, I agree with you on that one. I’m sorry to hear Hawking is using the old “gimp” card on this one. I suspect he assumes nobody would dare argue with an ugly, old, disabled sick man (however bright)… lest they appear “mean”. I would argue with him though … and I’m an ugly. old, disabled, somewhat sick woman and pretty darn smart myself.

      Wish there was a place I could shout it out… Hawking, how dare you!

      • hi Lee, older crook n disabled myself i have no fear of upsetting snowflakes and the pc brigades
        calling him out on any web/blog page is one way to fight back
        theres quite a lot of people calling for him to stfu and stick to his theoretical stuff..and even a lot of thats being questioned;-)

  3. Thanks for posting that link. I wonder why it cost so much to put it out, given there was only one windmill involved and no evacuations, injuries, or deaths and “just under 5 acres” burnt?

    Doesn’t make sense… although being careful in that area. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area – it’s the largest county in CA, has some very poor people living in it… but also some very rich people. It tends to be very hot (and windy at times), and that area has a lot of rugged mountainous terrain, very hard to fight fires in (impossible in some spots) and prone to major wildfires. Not anything you want to get out of control.

    But why the cost?

    • i think the cost was FOR the windmill itself?
      5> fire units for a few hrs wouldnt be that huge a bill

      • You may be right and I don’t know the exact number but when I drove by that area it looked like there were maybe hundreds of the darn things… if each cost that much, what an outrageous waste of public money!

  4. It is what it is. Mechanical equipment will break down. They are generators; with gears and wires and bearings and housings. They produce power. They need maintenance and repair. What is the cost of repair vs. replace at today’s value exchange of the filthy lucre? All plants can have a fire. I was working in a refinery for years and it had fires occasionaly. Fire dept. had to put them out, plant spent millions repairing damage. Life goes on.

  5. In all the problems with windmills, don’t forget the constant noise they make. In places where windmills are in operation, the noise is causing physical problems because of the constant hum.

    • And the fact that they need grid backup from conventional carbon based sources. Which raises the question as to way do it at all. You are only getting a minor fraction of carbon replacement, at the same cost. Bad economics is dangerous if carbon is not in fact a pollutant, yet the crazy believers increase their demand to shut all carbon sources down.

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