Winter arrives early in Norway

Drivers crossing mountain passes advised to change to winter tires today.

And there’s still a lot of snow left in the mountains from last winter.

Fresh snow on Juvass:

7 thoughts on “Winter arrives early in Norway”

  1. More on cold places in the far north ……………
    Ignore the global warming reasons/comments in this article but pay attention to the cooling of the north Atlantic. (End of an NAO cycle?)
    June Iceland report; no mackerel caught, seas too cold.
    The first thirteen weeks of summer this year have been the coldest in Reykjavik in over twenty years, reveals Icelandic meteorologist Trausti Jónsson.

  2. I crossed the Hardangervidda by train on June 25th and it was snowing then during the middle of the day! There was a ton of snow whenever we came out of the show tunnels.

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