Winter comeback – Snow chaos in Austria

Football game cancelled due to heavy snow. New snow even in Vienna

18 Apr 2017 – “Extremely turbulent weather. “Winter comeback.”

In March, temperatures rose to more than 25 degrees, meteorologically giving Austrians the first summer day of the year.

Now comes frost, with snowfall between 400 and 900 meters.

On Tuesday morning Reutte saw six cm of snow, while 20 cm fell on the mountains at Feuerkogel (OÖ) and 40 cm at Sonnblick (Sbg.)

During the night on Wednesday, Linz and Vienna were also haunted by the white splendor. In Vienna, the western district (Höhenstraße) was sweetened.

Football cancellation. Also the first league match between Liefering and Wiener Neustadt had to be cancelled on Tuesday evening after only 28 minutes of playing time because of the strong snowfall!

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4 thoughts on “Winter comeback – Snow chaos in Austria

  1. Events like this were all predicted by the climate models. Well perhaps not, but they soon will be. There is no science where the truth is more elastic than climate science.

    • These events are simply being reproduced, as they have done thought history. Check out Dalton 1790 to 1812, and the longer Gleissberg period 1890 to 1914.
      Winters in Europe start later and can last until the end of May.
      It all depends on when a Northerly Meridional Jet Stream commences. Western Europe has been incredibly lucky over the last 4 Winter periods it has sat under a warmish Southerly Jet Stream, whilst central Europe and Russia has suffered under the freezing cold Northerly for months on end.
      It looks to me that the NAO is finally in place.

  2. These kind of late cold waves were experienced in the last little ice-age and were largely responsible for major crop failures that led to famine and war. Let’s hope the same cycles don’t re-occur.

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