Winter comes in mid-August – Dagestan covered with snow 

Summer suddenly ends in the Dagestani village of Kurush. It started snowing and the air temperature dropped to +3 degrees.

Within a few hours, large snowdrifts appeared in the village. And local residents, filming what is happening on photos and videos, complained on social networks that the summer this year ended too early for them.

Photo from 23 Aug 2020: Kurush, Dagestan, Russia

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“Early snow in the Eastern portion of the North Caucasus Range,” says Alexey. “The village is at the height of about 2500m above the sea level.”

3 thoughts on “Winter comes in mid-August – Dagestan covered with snow ”

  1. The real question here is how long this snow actually lasts.

    Snowfall down to below 2000m is a fairly common event in late August in the European Alps. It does not happen every year, but it is by no means a once in a generation event.

    If this snow melts within 3 days, it is just a weather event.

    If it stays continuously through September and October until the time of permanent snow cover, it is an event of significance.

  2. Great News!! Hope entire Northern Hemisphere summer end very soon. Entire area will get lots of cold and tons amount of snow. Winter will be stay as long as possible and ended summer head forever from the entire World and wish never come back again…

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