Winter continues in northern Europe (Russia)

In northern Europe the temperature is still negative. Some snow drifts still 5 ft deep.

On Tuesday night, the low in the northwest was close to zero and in the north it ranged from -2 to -10°C, in the far north (in the autonomous district of Nenets) from -11 to -15 degrees.

Northwest regions have already shed snow cover. In the rest of the Northwestern Federal District, snow is still falling. In Karelia and in the Vologda region, from 2 to 15 cm. In the Arkhangelsk region, the height of snowdrifts ranges from 25 to 80 cm. The height of snow in the central regions of the Kola Peninsula remains up to 91 cm. But the highest snowdrifts are in the north-east of the Republic of Komi, where its height reaches five feet.

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  1. Not only that, s winter storm in Southern California, and soon another mid April snowstorm in Denver and Wisconsin.

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