If it had been winter, Duluth’s 10 inches of rain would have been 8 ft of snow

“Duluth is in the bull’s eye now.”

“Record rain on June 21 (10 inches or more) in Duluth and environs (largest port on Lake Superior),” says reader David  Wigtil.

In the middle of the last Ice Age coverage area, Duluth is in the bull’s eye now: 10 inches in January, rather than June, would have fallen as 100 inches of snow, eight feet deep (2.5 meters).

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“Robert, thanks for all your good work!,” says David.

4 thoughts on “If it had been winter, Duluth’s 10 inches of rain would have been 8 ft of snow”

  1. It has been an exceptionally wet June here in Ireland. We are scheduled to beat the rainfall record for the month which dates back more than 100 years. On 27th June Belfast recorded 50 mm of rain in two hours which caused widespread flooding. It seems to me that flooding incidents have taken place more frequently in the past decade than in previous decades, and I can remember back to the 1950’s.

  2. Click here: BBC News – Man killed as floods cause chaos

    —we’re under water, too, here in England.
    See above web site dated 28th June.

  3. I live near here, and it was a deluge. Classic warm front with lake winds enhancing the rain. This normally happens in the cooler months. There were 2 weather spotters, 1 in Duluth and 1 in Two Harbors (30 miles up the shore) that reported the 10in readings. Mostly 5-8″ readings in the area. $80 million in damages to infrastructure at this point in Duluth. Probably hidden damage that’ll crop up at some time.

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