Most winter grain destroyed in southern and eastern Ukraine

With temperatures 12 to 17 degrees Celsius below average, the situation in Ukraine has became serious.
More than 130 people have died due to the cold weather, and most of the winter grain has been destroyed in Ukraine’s southern and eastern regions.

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15 thoughts on “Most winter grain destroyed in southern and eastern Ukraine

  1. Buy grain options. The free market will come to the rescue. I know that areas in Washington, Oregon and California that haven’t grown grain crops in 80 years are planting wheat because the price is going up and its now profitable to do so. There will be food. Pricey maybe but there will be food.

          • The Free market is not Free, when I mean the free market I mean the British Free trade model, how that has destroyed the physical production of food and other materials of Nations throughout the world. Just take a look at how many people are Starving in the World – that is supposed to be due to “Market Forces”. The so called “free market” are not free at all, take a look a the criminal Wall Street Bailouts while many people don’t even have anywhere to live. Propping up Wall Street at the tax payers expense is not “Free Market” Forces. The is no such thing as “Free Market”, it is an oxymoron. The American System as it was intended was never about Free Markets, it was about National Banking and Protectionism. Free markets destroy Nations and empower multinationals.

            • Graham there are fewer people starving in the world today than ever before. Those that are tend to be the victims of corrupt governments and socialism gone bad. Price fixing and govt mandates on food stuff production is the quickest way to destroy the free market agricultural sector. When I was younger we used to call America the bread basket of the world. Guess we’ll see if that is still true.

              • When ships full of grain rot in the ports of countries that are starving, or their dictators are trading them for personal wealth, it is not hte free market that is making them starve. I realize how well North Korea does with the communist system, but I don’t see it being as succusful elsewhere.

                • You are grossly mistaken about North Korea. It is a literal hell hole. They are practicing cannibalism. The official party line is “Two a day that’s the way” when referring to meals. They are starving despite millions of tons of food stuffs that are donated by capitalist countries.

                  It is only the checks and balances of free competition that keep food prices low. Take that away and the system collapses.

            • Graham, I am so glad to hear someone even say “American System” economics. With the way our kids are brainwashed in the Universities with that Wealth of Nations crap I was beginning to wonder if anyone even knew Hamilton and List once existed.

              • Dear John the 1st,

                Anyone defending free market economics please explain why so many Americans are now on food stamps, which is now over 45 Million people.

                I agree with George, not the Reuters reading crowd.

  2. According to here is how grain production breaks down by country. Draw your own conclusions.

    1. US 277,796 thousand metric tons
    2. China(PRC)121,300 thousand metric tons
    3. Brazil 39,219 thousand metric tons
    9. Ukraine 15,300 thousand metric tons

  3. When there are people freezing and starving to death at this very moment – government systems and cultural pride becomes irrelevant. Get your jacket on…get some money out and go help and feed them. Use your brain and smarts that has allowed you to get this far in life and serve the needy.Stay safe.

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