Winter from hell in Mammoth Lakes

More than 30 collapsed roofs.

“In Mammoth Lakes (California) for us locals it’s been the winter from hell,” says reader Howard S.

“Water equivalent has been well over 200% of normal. Berms in the residential areas 20 feet high were common just a few weeks ago.

“Over 30 collapsed roofs. Snow related property damage in the millions.”

“In shoveling my roof in early March, I had to shovel “up” instead of down. In snowshoeing behind my house, I could reach up and touch the telephone lines on the poles.”

6 thoughts on “Winter from hell in Mammoth Lakes”

  1. Just wait till it snows like that for 30 days straight.

    Bye bye Western life style.

    You all are going to BEG for Globalist Warming

  2. Global warming finest moments!

    Seriously, you guys stay safe.

    Are you considering staying there for the worse yet to come?

  3. i read theyve announced the drought in cali is over;-)
    i also read that batshit crazy governor is still pushing cap n trade taxes
    he needs to be planted face down in a snowmound for a week or so
    give him time to reconsider how “warm” it is

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