Winter refuses to give up – MSM disinforms – Video

Breaking snowfall records by 15 times, but the media barely mentions it.  

Record-breaking snow labeled a “dusting” or a “trace” or “flurries.”

Record Snow Across Northern Hemisphere … and it’s Almost Summer

Thanks to Bill Sellers for this video

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  1. Saw that same video! Only thing that worries me is how to prepare for this economic collapse if like he says at the end of the video we have at least two months to prepare for the collapse. I’m a high school kid going into college. Told my parents and my friends no one will listen to me. Want to practice growing food so I can be prepared but my parents will wonder why I’m wasting money on crops! Want to save everyone I know! Can someone please tell me exactly what going to happen? Thanks!

    1. Your desire to want to save everyone is noble, but it will get you into a lot of trouble. You’re dealing with a culture that casts out people who are not exactly the same as each other, not just in appearance but also in mind. Don’t make yourself a target by going against the grain publicly. This isn’t about disagreeing, it’s about being safe.

      The point to being in school is to *memorize what your teachers are telling you* regardless if it is right or wrong. Behave yourself by singing & dancing the song and dance they taught you. Be kind to everyone, you may need to rely on them later.

      Survival tips and tricks are for home; keep it out of school & college.

      FEMA says you should have at least 2 weeks of food and water stored for your family in the event of local disaster. I personally go longer. But no one has hissed at me for quoting and following FEMA’s advice. Quoting cooling earth theory has attracted trouble for me, so I don’t talk about it anymore.

      I don’t have any food stocked up at the moment since I STORED IT WRONG and spoiled my food. Learn how to store properly and do it right the first time. Doing it wrong, and bragging about your food stores, could cost you dearly. Keep quiet about it, even to a friend you “really” know. Sun Tzu has a few things to say about really knowing people when they’re at their limits. Totally different people.

      It’s healthy to want to grow organic food in your backyard without using pesticides. It’s a very ‘Green’ thing to do. Start there and leave it there. No one needs any more explanation than that. Seeds aren’t very expensive. About a dollar. Weeding with your 2 hands is free. Your biggest expense will be building raised beds, garden soil and compost. Ask your parents if you can start with maybe a few square foot space and see what you can fit into it before you expand its size. I like ‘square foot gardening’

      Look into alternative forms of heat for cooking. Think about what you’d use if you went camping without electricity or running water.

      1. Thank you for the advice Arl! The only trouble is getting my parents to believe in all this coming up with a plan B before it’s too late. If I told them about this they’ll think I’ve gone mad! Do you or anyone else have any advice on that as well? Thanks!

        1. People will deny danger until it is right on top of them, it is human nature. I have been in survival situations and have personally witnessed this. I think it is fear. It is very scary to think about this sort of stuff seriously. My company wanted me to give safety talks about surviving crisis situations I quickly found I had to water the talks down so much they were almost useless because the audience got so nervous.
          Rather than try aand have serious discussions with your parents develop a plan B and a plan C on your own and quietly put together a whatever survival gear you can without raising too much attention. When things go down any plan is better than none because you at least have a starting place. All plans have to be changed because the situation is never exactly what you had planned for but if you have a plan you can take charge because at least you have something to do and that is more than they have. Good luck!

        2. Stop trying to convince your parents, it’s ok if they don’t buy it. You can’t force opinions – look how well the AGW crowd is failing on that front. And you never know, you might change your mind later.

          Any cooks in your family? Would he or she like some fresh food grown by you? If not, maybe you can be the cook. 😉 Find a respectful way to make them want you to grow those veggies.

          And if you’re still in school… try not to let the fear of the unknown completely swallow you, ok? You’ve got a lot on your plate already. I’ve seen people fret themselves into going gray prematurely because of this stuff. Learn to be focused and calm. 🙂

    2. Seeds really aren’t all that expensive, so unless you are in an area where the cost of water is high due to drought… raising a small garden shouldn’t be all that expensive, more time consuming. Not a bad idea to tell people you want to do some scientific experiments, that you are interested STEM and want to practice using the scientific method for agriculture.

      One of my friends and I years ago shared a small urban garden (at most the plot was maybe 8×10); we divided into parts and we wanted to test things like trying different types of organic fertilizer and methods for controlling bugs… and we were (OK geeky I admit) going to collect and analyze data from our crop. We got into the gardening part, but got bored with the analysis part… just had some fun with it.

      Nobody in life knows exactly what is going to happen… that’s the nature of things.

    3. As Arl said, it’s very noble of you to want to help everyone, but it won’t work, sadly. I have given up telling my friends what I know, in general. Most of the time you get a look as if you’ve just landed from Mars! Also, if you don’t know anything about growing crops, maybe you should start buying tinned food that will last. And dried food too. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Also, make sure you have a source of heat that doesn’t depend on electricity. These things might be difficult for you to do in your circumstances. All I can say is that if anything does happen even a few small preparations can help, and the fools that laugh at you now will thank you for it. Things might happen quickly, or they might happen slowly. Keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t be afraid. As Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers (a very informative site) says, ‘eyes open, no fear’.

      1. Jay, I’m sorry but I for one don’t take no for an answer. I am looking for someone that will give me a better answer than “As Arl said, it’s very noble if you want to help everyone, but it won’t work, sadly. I’m sorry jay but your negativity cannot be accepted from people like me! Good day!

      2. Jay – I know what you mean. Before I stopped talking about it, I was treated like an idiot. I lost friends over it, people who couldn’t associate with my ‘kind’. I don’t need to worry about harsh judgment on top of everything else ahead of me. I’ve learned many times not to help people who don’t ask for it.

        Besides, let’s say I was able to rebuild my stores of food. How many hungry people come to knock on my door and ask for food, before I don’t have any left for myself? I’m willing to bet they won’t share if they come across food. Starvation has a way of messing with people’s morals like that. And I can’t feed a city. Best to not even live in one.
        I’ve gone 11 days without food before; the sense of smell skyrockets, so cooking food in a city is going to attract hungry people.

        The only person in my neighborhood besides me who cared about surviving, (a vietnam vet) passed away from cancer a year back. Now it’s just me.

        Everyone else here falls in the first 2 little pigs category. They have big back yards, no insulation, with pristine mowed grass and inedible bushes.

        I’m 1 person in an entire block of potentially hungry people, who wouldn’t hesitate to peek over the fence to see who has veggies ripe for plucking.

        I’m trying to move out, get an acre further away. I have experience raising rabbits, so meat rabbits wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me.

        Annnd I’m babbling.

        1. I used to hate living in south Florida because it’s so damn hot but once I realized about this coming cold epoch I am very thankful of me and the people who live here. I guess God really knew what he was talking about so he stuck me in south Florida where this cold epoch won’t be as bad.

          1. In that case, you don’t have to worry about anything. So why are you asking for advice? And how do you know that the ‘cold epoch won’t be as bad’? Just curious!

            1. Because I heard that the government will still put us into lockdown in a couple months at max! Not sure if this is true but I’ve heard some things about it and if it were to be true I don’t know how my friends or anyone else I care for learn how to adapt to this economic crisis. I am a very caring person and would hate to see my friends and all of the other people I care about perish because of the stupid government. Tell me if I’m wrong.

  2. Also need advice on how I can help everyone I can! I want everyone to thrive this coming cold epoch not suffer it! I want to be a hero not a underdog! PLEASE HELP!!!??????!

    1. First rule is do not reveal to anyone what you are doing, what you have and what you intend. I have a list of people I know who are dedicated preparing for social and economic disaster. Guess where me and my special services survivalist friends will go when we need what they have. You got it. To our lists.

      Survival isn’t about storing stuff up. It’s not about how many guns you can buy off record, hide and buy bullets for. In fact there are many people paying thousands for special weapons training that will ultimately get them killed.

      When the stink hits the fan it’s going to be very bad. Worse than anything the world has ever experienced. Worse than when 1/2 of China’s and Europe’s populations died.

      We are facing many issues and by the comment’s of most of the people in this site it can be said not one of them knows what is happening to their world nor do they understand how bad it’s going to get. This is the time where the world is preparing for it’s biblical experience and the end. The sorrows have started gathering steam. Then will come the signs. Se Mtt 24: >>> Rev 13 and 14 Daniel Chapters 7 8 and 9:27

      There are stories of the dark ages that have been cleaned up that leave out the facts of the deaths in Europe. So many people died their weren’t people to bury the bodies. In many places bodies lay bloated with puss coming out of every orifice of the dead bodies. Some burst with the foul stench of gangrene.

      It was recorded that people couldn’t do business not because of a lack of customers but a lack of other business to provide the things necessary for commerce. Every would be supplier was dead or the money was worthless because nations were bankrupt.

      There will be no safety, no food you can hide, no place to keep hidden weapons. The minute you look too well fed people will know. When you shoot your gun you will draw a crowd. If you try to barter people will know you have a supply. They will come back better prepared to take what you have. When you go to your hiding places you will leave trails, paths worn into the ground or in the grass. You will be found.

      AND when it gets real tough it is very likely people will start cannibalizing each other, starting with the innocent, just like it happened in Europe and even back in biblical times when Rome destroyed Jerusalem.

      The preparation few speak of and many poo poo is preparing to meet our Savior. Preparing our lives and our hearts, to know HIS prophesy so you DO know what is going to happen. BUT you can’t learn the truth in very many places. It too has been scrubbed and hidden.

      It’s out there and people like me who know and try to tell folks one day will be targets and looked at as the cause of all these problems when in fact we ARE here to provide the solution and answers to the very questions you ask.

      Be well.

      1. I’d tell ya one thing everyone is going to go after the prepper, that is very true. However, I also doubt it is the end of times because this is cyclical and we are here, many predictions have come and passed but I’m no fool this end might be self prophesied (potential nuclear war) it will be humans that do it if it happens. What it will take to survive? Resourcefulness….you can’t hoard things, I believe even the government has passed confiscation laws of stashes if the proverbial SHTF….So what do you do? Well humanity as you knew it has now changed into a group of savages and you must act accordingly…you must optimize whatever you have and adapt with whatever situation you face…you can’t draw any attention to yourself and you will have to kill eventually…so have a concealed gun….learn how to can….learn how to trap…gather a FEW things like ammo or weapons that can be traded….learn to be comfortable with as little as possible, be self sufficient, and don’t draw attention to yourself at all… you’d be ok for awhile….I wouldn’t stay in any huge cities much longer I’d definitely look for a rural town at least or better yet a self sustaining home in the bush

  3. Well… knowing how to grow food is nice if you live in an area not affected by all these emerging problems, and there simply may not be any. It’s not just one problem of ice age, but all the other associated problems of the planet’s affected EM field shifting.. not to mention all the other cyclical cosmic critters coming out to play.

  4. LOL looks like about 4 inches of flurries to me. Welcome Dalton! Just passing though on our way to see Mr. Maunder!

  5. Watch, especially, the higher altitudes. When the sun went quiet, and the atmosphere shortened, it wasn’t just satellites that noticed… Every peak and rise is now effectively a higher elevation for weather.

    1. One result of this is a more efficient planetary cooling mechanism, despite the silly repeated claims of hottest year ever:
      Though all these links say the phenomenon could potentially offset effects of global warming or greenhouse gases, it might be much more serious than they care to admit.

      1. How about the upper atmosphere getting colder all year round now? Seems like a symptom of High Altitude Solar Attenuation due to upper atmospheric pollutants [Volcanic Ash, Oil Fires, Wild Fires, and “Chem Trails”]. Not necessarily in that order.

    2. Though I am not an atmospheric physicist, and even they don’t have all the answers, It seems to make sense that our less energetic Sun could cause a deflation (for lack of a better word) of the atmosphere. It stands to reason that one of the effects of this would be a sharper temperature gradient with regards to altitude. Perhaps the steeper gradient is one of the reasons that a cooling climate is subject to more extreme weather variation. (I’m recalling the large hail accumulation in the Tx panhandle a few years ago right about when we were at the last sunspot minimum-cycle23 to cycle 24 changeover)
      True that was caused by a large supercell, but such an amount of hail can only be produced by very cold temperatures aloft.
      So far we’re only talking about the troposphere, but I wonder if the atmospheric deflation might also affect the height of the ionosphere? I have noticed, due to my nightime radio listening (DX-ing), during times of stronger solar winds, distant radio stations usually have clearer recption, and just the opposite, when solar winds are weak and sunspots low, then the reception of distant radio stations is diminished. We know that the atmosphere is taller closer to the equator primarily because of solar insolation and the subsequent heating and puffing up of the atmosphere, and lower at the poles primarily because of sinking cooler air. The sinking polar air is what drives the polar highs, and the polar vortex. I’m just curious if anyone here knows whether the puffing up and deflating of the atmosphere extends all the way up to the ionosphere?

      1. I think I may have found my answer. Since the Ionosphere is much higher up than the Troposphere, it’s above the stratosphere, it won’t be subject to the same kinds of expansion and contraction effects as the lower atmosphere. But Solar activity plays an important part in the nighttime reflectivity of the ionosphere, with higher activity creating greater reflectivity of radio waves, lower- less.

        1. @AndrewS wow seems like you know the physics man! You even provided a link to support your claims like a real scientist would! Way to go! Those catistrophic AGW believers can suck it! Lol

          1. I’m just a layman, so not bound by specialization in any particular area. Here’s something to chew on:
            I was thinking about asteroid or meteor impacts, and how the odds would dictate that most of them reaching the surface would hit in Oceans, and not land. The Question is: Do oceanic meteoric impacts plunge the Earth into random periodic ice ages?
            The answer may be yes.
            For much of Earth’s history, the world has been ice-free (even at the poles) but these iceless periods have been interrupted by several major glaciation periods (called glacial epochs) and we are in one now. Each glacial epoch consists of multiple advances and retreats of ice fields. These ice fields tend to wax and wane in approximate 100,000, 41,000, and 21,000 year cycles. Each advance of ice is popularly known in the press as an “ice age” but it is important to note that these multiple events are just variations of the same glacial epoch. The retreat of ice during a glacial epoch is called an inter-glacial period and this is our PRESENT DAY CLIMATE system.
            So the cycles within the ice-ages (interglacials & glacials) are regular, like clockwork, but the ice-ages themselves do not occur at regular predictive intervals: see –
            This plot shows seven of the known major ice-ages going back to the Precambrian. As can be seen, they do not occur at regular intervals, and Earth is ice free for the majority of time in between these ice-ages.
            [so much for global warming 😉 ]

            Enter “Eltanin asteroid impact”
            The current Plio-Pleistocene Glacial Epoch had it’s beginning about 3.2 million years ago and is probably linked to the tectonic construction of the Isthmus of Panama which prevented the circulation of Atlantic and Pacific waters and ultimately triggered a slow sequence of events that eventually led to cooling of the atmosphere and the formation of new ice fields by about 2.5 million years ago.
            Isthmus of Panama may be only a part of the trigger.
            “There’s no doubt the world was already cooling through the mid and late Pliocene,” says co-author Professor Mike Archer. “What we’re suggesting is that the Eltanin impact may have rammed this slow-moving change forward in an instant – hurtling the world into the cycle of glaciations that characterized the next 2.5 million years and triggered our own evolution as a species.
            It could very well be possible that all of the previous ice-ages were triggered in this same way, and would tend to explain the irregularity of major ice-age occurrence. The massive volume of water that would be thrown into the atmosphere would be enough to block out the sun for months, and it would have to precipitate out, most likely as snow nearer the poles and temperate zones, and cold rains in the tropics.
            Modulation of ice-ages by such things as orbital cycles, Solar cycles, axial tilt, and Milankovitch cycles serve to explain the regularity(clockwork) seen within the ice-ages themselves. Here is a good illustration of the Eltanin Impact some 250 MYA:

            1. This is an addendum to the above post and a correction, first the correction: I had said the ice-ages plot-
              goes back to the Precambrian, actually it goes much farther back to the Neo-Proterozoic.
              There is a very strong correlation between Cosmic Ray flux and ice-age epochs. Each time Earth passes through the spiral arms of the galaxy, cosmic ray flux increases and an ice-age ensues.
              Our current ice-age began when Earth entered the Saggitarius-Carina arm, and we’re now in the Orion arm of the galaxy. As cosmic ray flux remains above average (for geologic history), this ice-age is not likely to end very soon, in fact judging from this graphic, it is only just getting started: [Note: you can see the clear correlation between CR flux and ice-ages in this graphic to view larger, save file and open in a preview where you can zoom in ]
              Each pass through the slightly more dense spiral arms exposes Earth to dust and debris which can have an effect on insolation, cosmic rays, and even an increased possibility of impactors(however only slight as compared to our own solar system content) like Chixulub which killed off the dinosaurs, and Eltanin, which may have helped to jump start our current ice-age.
              See the rest of this article – “The Milky Way Galaxy’s Spiral Arms and Ice-Age Epochs and the Cosmic Ray Connection” here:

    3. Higher altitudes and higher latitudes. The transitional climates show the change first. Keep your eye on Canada wheat production.

  6. this phd physicist is telling me that another degree of warmth is going to hurt food growth because it gets out of range when I know there is no record of that happening and a degree or 3 of warmth happens often whereas crops show routinely that any cold during their season and its devastating.
    if these cold trends in the northeast and Midwest don’t reverse fast, next years harvests are going to be affected.

  7. If the Earth cools significantly food shortages due to cold won’t be the only food related problem. It will also be very dry. Roy Spencer mentions the paper in his book published nearly a decade ago. The work was done around the same time that Theodore Landscheidt did his work predicting that increased cosmic radiation reaching Earth would lead to cooling. Read the 3 above mentioned papers for the full story.( I don’t enjoy typing.) The problem will be that while it is easy to convince people of the need for extra water supplies/ storages on a hot windy day , it will be very hard to convince people of the need for extra water supplies/storages on the cold wet days the will be commonplace in the early stages of any cooling. When authorities finally work out what is going on we must demand that they plan for the coming dry.

    1. It may take awhile, but once enough water is locked up in the ice, the deserts will grow in many places. The Nebraska “Sand Hills” come to mind. Anyone flying over this vast area at 35,000 feet who has any knowledge of geology cannot fail to recognize that it was once thousands of square miles of dunes. The first time I realized what I was looking at I thought, “OMG!”

  8. The only good thing about a cold apocalypse is, it will give us a chance to hunt down the politicians who set us up for heat waves, and use their pelts for something useful, maybe a vest for my dog.

  9. Interesting video (I can’t watch it from home)… I am in southeastern Virginia we’ve had temps mostly about 25 degrees F lower than the norm. Too much rain also… pretty much it’s been raining almost every day for the past month.

  10. By the way Jay legends can be remembered but ones that don’t make an effort to help and be a supportive are the ones that actually suffer in the end. Just some advice from a protagonist like me. Try to remember that!

  11. Here in the desert southwest it has been the coolest and wettest spring I can remember. Not even hitting 80 in Vegas lately. We should be pushing 100 plus. No triple digits yet.

    Right now I am on a forestry internship outside of Reno NV. It is snowing and has been for the last week. And we are below 5500′ in elevation. Not big fan of desert heat, but this freezing my tail off in late May is not much fun either. The media puppets will not even mention this. We are not talking about a few chilly days. It has been like this throughout the entire spring.

  12. For what it’s worth, I suggest you stock up on white rice. It has a shelf life of about 25 years (unlike brown rice). It may soon be unavailable or priced out of reach, like other grains.
    One fourth cup of dry white rice, a few home grown, foraged or dried veggies, and a little wild game or fish will make a meal. Seven 20 # bags will last a year for one person at three meals like this per day.
    In our overabundant society, carbs are our enemy. In starvation circumstances, they will be our salvation. Carbs are harder to grow and forage than greens or fruits.

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