Winter returns to Russia and Europe – Cold records broken

Anomalously cold weather – Temperature below the norm by 4-8 degrees.

19 Apr 2017 – Snow fell in some regions last night and cold records were broken.

While in the Asian parts of Russia spring is in full swing, even ahead of schedule, in the European part of Russia and in Europe the temperature does not reach 4-6 Degrees.

The reason is that the Atlantic cyclones have chosen a southern route. And along the atmospheric fronts are not only rains, but also snow! Snow on the eve fell in the Volga and in the Black Earth. In fact, a number of European countries were covered in snow, even Germany.

Cold records broken

In Russia, the weather records updated Smolensk (where the air cooled to -6.8 degrees) and Tula (-6.5)!
The neighbors scored Vilnius (-5.8), Mogilev (-5.7), Bobruisk (-6.8) and Ivano-Frankivsk (-4.8).

The cold will continue for several days. Below-zero temperatures during the night hours are expected in most of Europe (from the Urals to the Pyrenees) all week!

In some places (mainly in mountainous areas) it can reach -10 degrees! Yes, and in the daytime in Central and Eastern Europe will not be above +5 degrees.

Spring is still delayed!

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7 thoughts on “Winter returns to Russia and Europe – Cold records broken”

  1. I feel for those trying to grow crops in these conditions. They will need to look at how they grow in the coming years, and time is not on their side. Adapt or move.

    • WIIII Mc,
      So far scientists are predicting only a mini Ice Age. I don’t think there’s any data that supports our entering another full-fledged Ice Age at this time.

  2. Looks like kids in Europe will still know what snow is during April in 75 years from now, even though they told us 17 years ago that they would “never see snow again” in winter!

  3. Record cold for the later half of April in Austria:
    In six places it was never so cold in the second half of April.

    In Switzerland, on Thursday night, numerous temperature records have fallen. According to the weather service MeteoNews, the weather in the second half of April has never been so cold in at least six places, at least since the start of the measurements. Among them are Visp in the canton of Valais, where it has been measured since 1959, and Arosa in the canton of Graubünden, which has been measured since 1931.

    The temperatures were clearly below the freezing point, in Visp about minus 5.5 degrees and in Arosa about minus 12.8 degrees.

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