Winter returns to the Urals

Record cold and blizzards

‘Cold Advices to Tomsk and Yekaterinburg Region (RU)’

Winter returns to the Urals – IA “Meteonews”

The cold front was the culprit at the beginning of the week in Siberia and the Urals.

The temperature in Yekaterinburg on the night of April 17 was a record low for these days, -10.4°C. And in the afternoon the temperature only approached zero, It was -1,2°C. On average, the day temperature almost 11 degrees was below the climatic norm.

Moreover, the sharp cooling was accompanied by snow with blizzard, ice and gusts of wind up to 16 m/s. A temporary snow cover was established in the Sverdlovsk Region. In Visim snow depth reached 12 cm.

On April 19 are expected snow, sleet, daytime rain, sleet on the roads, wind up to 15 m/s. The daytime temperature will rise to 3….10°C. Although the night is expected to be slightly frosty, -3 ..- 8°C, in the lowlands of the Chelyabinsk region to -13°C, in the Kurgan region to -10°C.
Tomsk citizens buried in snowdrifts

On the eve of the May holidays, the weather decided to arrange a “surprise”.
Yesterday, April 17, Tomsk region covered with a snow blanket. Snowfall and strong gusts provoked a power outage leaving more than 700 people without light.

Frosts are possible in most of the district, and in the Siberian Federal District in some places a blizzard and sleet.

Be careful!

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7 thoughts on “Winter returns to the Urals”

  1. Welcome back, Robert. As it happens, it’s 20C here in southern England this afternoon but colder weather forecast for next week. The weather really doesn’t know what it’s doing!

    • The weather does know what its doing its called Jet stream meridonial weather caused by two major systems a SSW powered High over Scandinavia, refreashed by the large long last Coronial Holes rotating every 28 days as the Sun turns and a Blocked large Low to the South of Iceland. This same Low dumped Trillions of ton of Snow on to Greenland Last week.
      Between the two is a compression Jetstream blasting less cold, wet weather around the north of Norway, into Russia dumping as Snow.
      The UK is now in a warm bubble of air dragged up from Africa by that compression Jet. This may well be a repeat of the May to July warm slot of 1976, another very low UV-EUK Solar Cycle 20 solar minimum period.

  2. Seems winter just wont stop this year.

    Looks like you made it to Texas OK.

    Good luck in your new home!

  3. As the sun sets up to the extended nap, governments across the globe continue storing years worth of seed, food and water into D.U.M.B.S..
    Will the wobble of earth continue on the path as compared to polar shift 3700 years ago?
    As the wobble continues the natural path; precession of equinox has come into a most stormy path of energy directed against our sun, blocking plasma Birkeland currents from channeling the connection to our sun. Perhaps Valentina and her students are correct; the earth is on an outward journey, around 5 million miles farther away from our sun than we have been since the Great Ice Age? At the apex is presumed to be a 5-6 watt per square meter drop off total solar radiance collected at the lower levels of magnetic barrier, i.e. what little bit of solar resistance we will have left.
    Are they?

  4. Russia may consider a new industry for Siberia: Camps for the idealistic youth of the EU and North America.

    • Why bother, expose the fraud, idealistic youth of the EU and North America will move on the next social media fad. But the fraudsters and political opportunists within that failing organisation the UN need the full sanction of the law against them.
      Replacing AGW with real science, the cyclic moderation of the Sun energy output by its gravitational interaction with the Solar system BarryCentre and the other 4 large mass objects in the solar system – the Jovian Gas Giants as communicated by Carl Smith, Nicola Scafetta, Perryman M.A.C. & Schulze-Hartung T, Eddy, Dr Theodor Landscheidt, G Sharp.
      The point is we live under the benign radiation of a Variable UV Star, with most of the UV absorbed by the Earths Nitrogen/Oxygen/Water vapour atmosphere. CO2 isn’t the moderating factor, but the Oceanic heat retention cycle and UV moderation of the atmosphere’s circulation via the Jet Stream is.

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