Winter storm alerts stretch across much of the US

“Powerful Storms to Create Hazardous Thanksgiving Travel for Much of the U.S,” warns the National Weather Service. “Major” snowstorms to disrupt Thanksgiving travel for millions

“Two back to back powerful storms will produce widespread heavy snow (up to 4 feet possible in the Sierra Nevada mountains),” says NOAA.

WINTER storm alerts. In November.

The storms will extend from Oregon (“ALL mountain passes affected”) to Boise to  Salt Lake City to Denver to Nebraska (near blizzard conditions likely) to Michigan (blizzard warnings) to the Northeast.

In Denver, the forecast calls for 15 inches of snow, where more than 200 flights have already been canceled at the Denver International Airport.

In Salt Lake City, only cars with four-wheel drive and tires with chains are allowed on roads. Emergency crews responded to more than 50 crashes Monday.

In the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), the National Weather Service warns of “Major Winter Storm Imminent Tonight Into Wednesday.”

“Heavy snow will arrive area wide this evening and continue overnight before ending Wednesday morning. Snow accumulation of 6 to 13 inches expected in the warning area… Strong northwest winds will produce considerable blowing snow and possible blizzard conditions (emphasis added). Read More

Good luck, travelers! Happy Thanksgiving wherever you may be stranded!

12 thoughts on “Winter storm alerts stretch across much of the US”

  1. Historic snow in Northern Colorado. Lots of snow in the Sierra, snowing already around Los Angeles. Going to get more precipitation than normal around Los Angeles this storm probably.

    • That’s not even to mention the snow in Minnesota, 8 inches at the airport and it probably hadn’t stopped snowing yet, for the day, and the airport is about the most difficult place to get precipitation anywhere. Still, they got record precipitation at the airport for the year, much of it unseasonably early or late snowfalls. Oh, and there’s another icebreaker stuck in the ice, this one “on purpose”, to see how tropical winter will be at the North Pole this year. They might be surprised. I know they are surprised they’ve already had several polar bear encounters, although they were thought to be extinct.

  2. I find it hard to believe people would even think about travelling in that weather.
    and that weather supposed to drit to the east as well i gather

    I see usa just did a deal to import sugar from Mexico due to lousy harvests .

    • I agree and I never liked having to deal with travel on holidays … bad enough dealing with the excess traffic and drunk drivers..and adding bad weather to that. I hate having to worry about family who are driving to visit others over the holidays.

      But it does get lonely having every holiday by myself, so I do understand why some people do it.

      Weather here in southern AZ (Green Valley, 25 miles or so from Tucson) is rainy and cold for the next few days. I just moved here and August and don’t know anyone much here yet, so just staying home, watching a few movies, and cooking what I like eating a bit. Pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast… later roast turkey breast and some turnips from my garden for dinner along with mashed potatoes and gravy, some snap peas, and a bit of my mom’s stuffing recipe, and cranberry sauce. Later pumpkin pie with ice cream. Kind of the lazy girl version of the Thanksgiving meal.

      I’ll be sending a few emails to friends and making some phone calls to family later in the day instead of traveling…. but it’s hard missing family get togethers. On the other hand, I’ve been stuck living away from family most of my life because of where I could find work… and now that I’m retired still don’t live near family because they all seem to want to live places I cannot stand (where they get horrible weather most of the year).

  3. The Washington Post is reporting that this “bomb cyclone” will produce waves up to 37 feet high, and up to four feet of snow will be dumped in the mountains…
    In the forecast stretching from Tuesday through Friday are plummeting temperatures, hurricane-force gusts that could reach or exceed 100 mph in some locations, giant waves of up to 37 feet, as much as four feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada and heavy rain in the lower elevations between San Diego and Salem.

  4. Remember that Al Gore warned us that our “CHILDREN” will not know snow………… for us?,.. well, we will……………but our “CHILDREN” will not.

    Patience. In a decade or so there will be no snow, sea levels will be 1,000 ft higher and mosquitoes will be in the South Pole………..

  5. Sort of strange to have 2 “historic” separate winter storms simultaneously? Record low pressure off of California with this next storm that came ashore last night.

  6. LOL. I think it is time you Americans move your thanksgiving holiday to the second Monday in October like the Canadians.

    If these type of winters are going to become the norm then it would be a good idea.

    And just think of all the extra time for Black Friday sales! A whole 5 weeks more of door crashers. Ye haw 🙂

  7. looked at spaceweather tonight thurs 28nov aussie time late pm
    I see a severely cold upper atmosphere in the arctic circle produced a pastel rainbow cloud formation up really high minus 85 they didnt say C or F but assuming C
    so much for all that warming over the arctic melting the ice as the cold slipped down to usa/canada etc

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