Yet Another Winter Storm for Eastern U.S. This Week?

In just over a month’s time, The Weather Channel has named ten winter storms.

The Northeast has been impacted by seven of these, while five storms have impacted — and in some cases, crippled — parts of the South.

With fresh cold air poised to pump into the nation’s Midwest, South and East, the week ahead brings another threat of yet another winter storm.

Light sleet, freezing rain, or snow could hit parts of Oklahoma into the Tennessee Valley and southern Appalachians beginning Tuesday.

At this time, any amounts appear to be very light and very spotty.

However, heavy snow in some areas could spread from the Appalachians and Virginia northeastward along the I-95 corridor to New England by Wednesday night.

The models are not yet clear, so no one knows for sure what will happen.

Stay “tuned”

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Winter Storm for Eastern U.S. This Week?

  1. “The Weather Channel has named ten winter storms”
    Now that is entirely irrelevant. I wonder if this summer maybe they’ll start naming thunderheads?
    Seriously, I have yet to hear a meteorologist use the silly names.

  2. What happens in the NE of the US (NYC) is NEWS! Everywhere else is “not news.” We live out west and are having lots of snow with 10 to 15 degree below average temperatures, but its “not news.” I get tired of the NYC focus of “NEWS!” Ask me if I give a shlt about what happens in that cess pool.

    • You got that right Bob I’ve also noticed a bias to the north east. Most of the time while watching the Weather Channel all they want to discuss is the weather in the east. And a lot of the time when showing a map of the nation, they’ll stand right in front of Texas to where I can’t see what sort of weather is depicted here.

      • That’s because Texas is Conservative so they are subtly spitting in their face. They know Texas wants to keep the rights to bear arms.

    • Except Oh Liar would just take a looooooong vacation at tax payers expense and put his dog on a private jetliner all to himself also at our expense.

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