Winter storm strands 50 people in Norway – Video

Which would you prefer? Global warming? Or global cooling?

About 50 people are stuck at the Haukeli mountain pass (Haukeliseter Fjellstue) in southern Norway, due to a heavy winter storm.…

Thanks to Harnaś for this video

9 thoughts on “Winter storm strands 50 people in Norway – Video”

  1. This morning, quite cold air entered the center of the country. If the same weather situation had occurred in winter, the media would be talking about a cold or polar cold wave . But since it’s summer, it’s just a temperature drop.
    ‘Cuenta oficial del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. SMN Argentina’ (Forecast)

    Will this be a simple cold front or a warning that the next one may become more extensive and stronger?

  2. Snow in South Carolina. Palm tree state. Nearing spring. Record polar ice extent again, which somehow means it’s warmest at the polls. Actually I think their records have not been consistent.

  3. May I recommend a book: State of Fear by Michael Chrichton, published 2004, about global warming/catastrophe?

  4. I’d prefer rapid global cooling and the sun burning out immediately! In that case summers would be far more tolerant in the SE!!
    400 below? Fine with me!
    Being dead also means Americans have no more taxes and bills to worry about again.

  5. Cooling, definitely!

    They clean up nature, and hot, sticky and buggy summers are barely liveable if you are of Viking descent.

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