WINTER storm warning for Alaska – in mid August

Heavy wet snow expected.

Winter Storm Warning
National Weather Service Fairbanks AK
Aug 20 2019

Northeastern Brooks Range above 2000 feet-Including Anaktuvuk Pass, Atigun Pass, Galbraith Lake, Sagwon, and Franklin Bluffs


Heavy wet snow expected. Plan on difficult travel conditions. Total snow accumulations of 4 to 6 inches expected.

Snow will develop this morning, then become heavy this afternoon through late tonight. Snow will taper off Wednesday morning.

Significant reductions in visibility at times. Below 2000 feet, only 1 to 2 inches of snow expected.

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

7 thoughts on “WINTER storm warning for Alaska – in mid August”

  1. the BC province got an impressive amount of snow, recently. they call it : neige estivale ( summer snow )
    …and the hurricane season is the calmest in 22 years !

    one gotta search to find this : not front page material..

  2. Thank you for your very interesting work. I have read on several sites that areas of Alaska and the Yukon were relatively warm and remained ice free during the last glaciation. They supposedly had a small human population. Have you or anyone else heard this? I am Canadian, thinking of moving to the Yukon. Any thoughts, facts, opinions?

    • Yes,ice-age maps show that a large portion of Alaska remained ice free during the last glaciation, I presume because of the moderating influence of the Pacific Ocean.

  3. well I hope the listed areas are also where that damned peat fire is too!
    Im gathering its a lightning strike that lit it up, but the greentards are full mental over it going for years destroying habitat etc
    curious they forget that peat is formed from old sphagnum moss and other plants, when they state the sphagnum might “recover”
    but the peat wont
    no you idiots its DEAD DEBRIS that the irish n scots n others still burn.

  4. Think they’ll mention it, or only the temperatures last month. It can make people genuinely very angry when they are told how hot it is where they live when in reality it’s snowing in August.

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