Winter storm warnings for 10 states

Including large parts of Texas.

4 Feb 2020 – Winter storm warnings for New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

The areas marked in red have winter storm warnings in effect.

7 thoughts on “Winter storm warnings for 10 states”

  1. The way that weather pattern is shaping up, I’d say anything is possible, but not anything is probable.

    Watch out for the Lubbockians.

    7. Lubbock Folks All Have Bigger Haboobs Than You
    Don’t be fooled—sweltering heat heat isn’t the only thing that Lubbock folks deal with when it comes to freaky weather. In the winter, the ice storms land on headline news as a joke for the rest of the country—which pretends they have any idea what a Southern freeze-over is actually like. And the haboobs leave every car in Lubbock covered in two inches of dust. No wonder these folks are so tough.

  2. Survived the major surgery. 20 lbs of tumors removed.

    We are supposed to have flurries in Houston on Thursday morning early.

  3. I wish we could have had some of that winter weather here in Denmark!

    So far, it’s been a long, grey limbo, with smog.

    %¤”#& Gulf Stream!!!

  4. That looks like strangely heavy snow for Texas too. Especially after Spring, and the groundhog agreeing by some accounts with the warmists. What, the rodent wasn’t right?

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