Winter Storm Watch for Parts of Colorado and Wyoming

That’s winter, as in WINTER, on May 9  – 8 to 14 inches of snow possible – Also, May snow on the Great Plains of the Dakotas and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington.

National Weather Service Denver CO
Sun May 9 2021


* WHAT…Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 14 inches possible.

* WHERE…Rocky Mountain National Park and the Medicine Bow Range, The Mountains of Summit County, the Mosquito Range, and the Indian Peaks, The Northern Front Range Foothills, and The Southern Front Range Foothills.

* WHEN…From Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.

* IMPACTS…Travel could be very difficult. The hazardous conditions could impact the Monday evening and Tuesday morning commutes.

Including the cities of Winter Park, Westcreek, Rocky Mountain National Park, Central City, Red Feather Lakes, Breckenridge, Bailey, Williams Fork Mountains, Evergreen, Georgetown, Glendevey, Indian Peaks, Nederland, Eisenhower Tunnel, East Slopes Southern Gore Range, Mount Evans, Cameron Pass, East Slopes Mosquito Range, Berthoud Pass, Kenosha Mountains, Estes Park, Willow Creek Pass, Laramie and Medicine Bow Mountains, Idaho Springs, and Rabbit Ears Range

South and East Jackson/Larimer/North and Northeast Grand/Northwest Boulder Counties Above 9000 Ft-South and Southeast Grand/West Central and Southwest Boulder/Gilpin/Clear Creek/Summit/North and West Park Counties Above 9000 Ft-Larimer and Boulder Counties Between 6000 and 9000 Ft-Jefferson and West Douglas Counties Above 6000 Feet/Gilpin/Clear Creek/Northeast Park Counties Below 9000 Ft

“Still expecting snow in Mt Washington, New Hampshire Tue/Wed with below freezing temps as well as some snow for areas of the Adirondacks above 3,000 ft thru Tuesday, with a mixture of rain/snow in parts of the Midwest Sunday,” says reader Kenneth Lund. “Temps could drop below freezing overnight over parts of Nebraska thru West Virginia and north thru New England, depending on elevation, thru early next week. Certainly cold for May!”

“May snow on the Great Plains of the Dakotas today,” says reader Ryan. “That’s a sign of the global warming they are so certain about, isn’t it?”

16 thoughts on “Winter Storm Watch for Parts of Colorado and Wyoming”

  1. It really is winter here. The ski resort could still be open a month past closing, which is NOT common here despite what people say here, and by that I mean no bare patches to the lowest elevations! (Granted, they built up some base there with snowmaking early season. Not a lot though that way.

  2. Coloradoan here. We’re expecting 8-16 inches of snow today.
    Thank goodness for global warming, or we’d really be in trouble!

  3. The lack of apparent warming is why alarmists have renamed “global warming” to “climate change.” This of course fits, since the climate ALWAYS changes.

    • Of course it does. Our climate has been endlessly changing for billions of years, and will continue to do so long after man is gone. Ignore the endless string of headlines from the MSM, they are irrelevant in virtually everything but drama.

  4. I agree that the Grand Solar Minimum is here, but in the Rocky Mountain West, there is a saying … don’t plant until after Mother’s Day. It’s not unusual to have freezes or snow well into May.

    • Agree! Per the Rocky Mountains…It all depends on altitude! I’ve been in sleet and snow in Colorado and Wyoming in late May, June, July, and August. I left my cabin (10,200 feet) in the Snowy Range on the first day of summer 2019- after scraping about 2 inches of fresh snow off the vehicle.

    • Indeed. Don’t be taken in by “Ice age will be here tomorrow” any more than “Earth is burning up”. These things take time and at their fastest unfold over decades. Mother nature knows hers stuff and has been doing this for billions of years.

  5. Mind blown!

    I had no idea ‘Robert’ was the same as ‘Robert Felix’. I just found out via some footnotes in Ben Davidson’s new book. The odd thing is that I have no idea how I came across this site in the first place.

    Great site!

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