New winter storm on the way

“Long duration snow event” thru Wednesday over SE Wyoming and the Western Nebraska Panhandle.

Snow heavy at times. Significant accumulations. Heaviest snow – up to 14 inches – will be over the south part of the area.

Includes Laramie, Cheyenne, and the I-80 corridor.

“Travel safe!”

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

3 thoughts on “New winter storm on the way”

  1. Phooey. I’m ready for Spring. At least the high country is getting plenty of snow. Maybe the snow pack will be close to normal by May.

    This snow event includes a winter storm “warning” for nearly all of New Mexico and parts of Texas and Southern Arizona. The central and southern mountains of Colorado are also under winter storm warnings and advisories. You can verify this on the NOAA website.

    • It looks like what appeared to be a winter storm warning for New Mexico, southern Arizona and the Texas panhandle are, in fact, red flag wind warnings now that I look at the NOAA map on a different monitor.

      Here’s the link:

  2. Hi Robert,

    We welcome this snow event. Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and South Dakota have been under a severe drought for the past several years. This current event and the one immediately preceding it have done a lot to alleviate the drought (we are supposed to get 15 to 18 inches total snow), and it should lessen our summer fire danger provided we get some additional summer moisture.

    What my wife and I have observed lately is that the seasons here in Wyoming and Arizona (where we’ve lived) have been slipping about a month later than what had been the norm since 1980. We wonder if the moving north pole and drop in solar activity could have anything to do with these changes. Either way, we are VERY grateful for this much needed moisture.

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