Winter strikes weeks early in Munich

‘This year winter has struck early and unusually severely,” said meteorologist Dominik Jung. “South of Munich up to 20 centimeters (8 inches) of snow was able to pile up.’”

‘It began to snow in the Bavarian capital of Munich yesterday evening at about 6 p.m. Many of my meteorologist colleagues had believed this to be improbable,” said Jung.

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8 thoughts on “Winter strikes weeks early in Munich”

    • The article was dated several days before you looked up your forecast. The max temperature in Munich the last 3 days has been 14C, 14C and 16C.

  1. “Many of my meteorologist colleagues had believed this to be improbable”. I wonder what these colleagues think about winter and snow returning to Victoria, Australia. First it was spring in Melbourne, 25 C, and then: “Wild weather brings snow, hail and rain across Victoria, with warnings of more to come”. I double checked the date of this news item: October 14, 2013 2:04PM

    • hi Argiris,yes it was icy cold south winds rain and generally UNspringlike the day before as well. mon wasnt a nice day, I’ve never had the woodfire going so long as this years effort, and the forecast for wed is damaging winds-thurs is hail storms strong winds etc, I would think the high grounds would be possible snow again too.
      the recent CME and coronal hole emissions are both due to be hitting from about today..see spaceweather a minute ago has it listed as a 4 ,unsettled.

  2. The rains of the tropical wet season have begun across the top of Australia yet there is still constant regular rain systems crossing the Southern Temperate zone from West to East also bringing snow. These two zones are separated by the vast desert interior and this is where things are getting weird. Rain over Australias interior is uncommon to put it safely and restricted to tropical systems that sometimes push into that zone yet now it is becoming regular but from the West! It is now raining in all Capitals and the interior.

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