Winter wallops Asia, Europe

Indians in the Kashmir Valley cut off and freezing as winter grips parts of Europe and south Asia.

In Asia, the Times of India said hundreds of thousands are without power, Internet or mobile phone service…

“Both the major transmission lines used to import power into the (Kashmir) valley from the country’s northern grid … have snapped across the Pir Panjal mountains due to heavy snowfall,” said a source.

The snowfall is expected to continue.

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8 thoughts on “Winter wallops Asia, Europe”

  1. And yet the AP and are making a big stink about the “Winterless Wonderland” across much of the United States this week. Of even greater interest to me was that, in the article I read, they didn’t mention “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” they simply stated the “Mother Nature is playing tricks on us.” I found this a noteworthy shift away from the usual AP Blather where Man Made “Climate Change” is responsible for everything. Is it to much to hope for that all the snow being reported in other parts of the world, many of which usually see little to no snow, is causing them to doubt their masters? Probably! LoL

  2. In Europe winter is warm; except the Alps and Caphatian Mountains and several other highlands.
    Some studies had predicted that year 2012 will be one of the warmest. Maybe is the warm before the big freze.

  3. hell I hope its not a repeat of last years massive death in Mongolia of stock and a few people…and all food crops.

  4. ABC 7 News with Diane Sawyer here in Chicago had a 5-min. piece the other night regarding the mild weather so far in the U.S. And – of course – there was someone giving their 2 cents about global warming. Does it not occur to them the world ‘global’? If the warming were actually happening, these winter weather stories from other parts of the globe would not exist!

    • What a funny story. It seems that if we keep co2 levels high ice cant grow. Ha Ha. They dont know what will happen in a week, much less is 1500 years.

  5. Where IS all the cold air up in the arctic?

    Why hasn’t it dropped down into the lower 48 like it usually does?

  6. as long as the midwest doesn’t get 18 FEET when it comes… and it will come, it always snows in February March and April and even May around here –so we are far from out of the woods of a ‘Winterless Wonderland’

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