Winter weather advisory for Big Island – In June! – Video

The Hawaii National Weather Service was forced to issue the advisory alert after freezing rain and ice appeared in areas of the Big Island.

10 Jun 2018 – “Lava is entering into the ocean that is creating a lot of steam. As that steam rises up it cools and falls back down as freezing rain and fog.

“I have never seen this before,” says meteorologist. “This has sparked a winter weather warning for above 12,000 ft. There are ice on the roadways so this is creating dangerous conditions.”

“This weather is yet another unusual byproduct of this lava flow that continues to emerge.”

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6 thoughts on “Winter weather advisory for Big Island – In June! – Video”

  1. What’s next, will they try to blame residence driving to high in the mountains for this?????

    • Defying to laws of physics is all in a day’s work for some very special people.

      We are living in a modern ‘dark age’. Where science has been replaced by fearful myths and tales of a mysterious dragon warming up the atmosphere with his fiery breathe!

      If you doubt the mythical creatures existence, you are a witch or a heretic. You must be punished and your head placed on a pike as an example of those who dare doubt the destruction wrought by the dragon.

      Well something along those lines 🙂

  2. The uprising moist air from the lava flows could be considered as local. The freezing level at 12,000 feet elevation is not.
    Bob Hoye

  3. awesome side effect;-) fire gives you ice;-)
    i also read that the locals are finding madame Peles offering payback in the form of citrine gems falling out of the lava

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