Wisconsin city endures 3 of the snowiest years on record in just 6 years

Not the snowiest day, not the snowiest month, but the snowiest year on record! Three times in six years. That is worrisome to me.

After living in Rhinelander for six winters, Jaron Childs has seen three of the snowiest years on record including 2019.

In February, nearly 62 inches of snow hit the ground.

Adding to 2019’s record was the 17 inches that fell n November and more than 25 inches in December.

In total, Rhinelander saw 133.9 inches of snow in 2019, according to Newswatch 12 Chief Meteorologist Geoff Weller.

Rhinelander’s previous modern-day records came in 2013 with 99 inches and 2014 with 131.5 inches. Before that, Rhinelander saw the most snowfall on record in 1950 with 108.2 inches.

https://www.wjfw.com/storydetails/20191231200250/how_record_snowfall_in_rhinelander_affect ed_residents_local_business_and_law_enforcement_in_2019

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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin city endures 3 of the snowiest years on record in just 6 years”

  1. For God’s sake why can’t this damned phenomenon make Australia cool and damp? We’ve endured a continent-wide period of hot and dry weather since the end of 2016 as the Indian Ocean dipole has been massively positive. It is weakening now, but it’s still hot and dry just about everywhere, with notable exceptions such as the 2019 snow season I have to admit.

  2. Robert–Last night, PBS ran a documentary on the blizzard of 1949, which effectively shut the Great Plains down from January through April. People were found frozen in snow banks; tens of thousands of livestock were lost. This became a national emergency, and all emergency services plus the armed forces were brought into play.

    Hard to imagine that an uptick of 2 degrees C. could hold a candle to what happened in ’49.

  3. Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about! When all the records are in recent years, we know we’re in trouble.

    And guess what. We ARE in trouble.

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