Without energy the economy stops dead

No longer any way to rise  out of poverty and subsistence farming.

Without energy the economy stops dead

By J. H. Walker

King Canute was a very wise King; his “media” stunt was to disabuse his advisers that he was not Devine, but a man who has NO control over his environment. Kings and indeed failed American Presidents are not Gods able to turn back the tide on command.

Nor are the self-appointed climate Ologists; they have mistook the 140 cyclic Solar Tide of warmth as permanent, which they can tweak with modifications to the atmosphere by adding or subtracting quantities of a trace gas.

That tide of solar warmth is now receding, yet billions continue to be wasted on the vocal green minorities with their vested interests which have to be put first at the expense of the West’s workers and the third world’s industrialization to raise them out of poverty and subsistence farming.

The priority for Western Government for the next thirty years is to provide as much energy capacity as is required, well before the expected surges in energy demand take place without polluting the environment with real pollutants rather than labeling the by-product gas of the Oxygen-Carbon reaction a pollutant which all life on this planet uses to live.

Without energy the economy stops dead, money and credits become worthless , food is not grown, and billions die, all because an Ologist barked up the wrong 4000 year old tree.

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  1. So true. Now why did our ancestors stop using windmills and waterwheels to power the economy? Oh, yes, because they are unreliable. So to solve that we build twice the generation capacity and spend way more than double.

  2. I agree. Hopefully the American people are (collectively) smart enough to put The Donald in as president, and Donald Trump uses a big broom to sweep the fraudulent scientists/green lobby/politicians and media out.

  3. Click on the Sun image on the left, the landscheidt. info hyperlink: Daily Update: Four spotless days are recorded with the overall area decreasing. Solar activity back to duldrums status.

  4. Well put.
    The world of industrialization and consequential rise out of poverty can be attributed to only one factor.

    The ready availability of cheap King Coal!!
    And subsequently cheap oil.

  5. You have got to be kidding! There is nothing accidental, or myopic, or accidental, or stupid about this attack on green house gases. There is no Ologist barking up the wrong tree. There is a well paid, Ologist barking up the right tree in the service of monsters. The kind of man who will gladly say, “I will live well, eat well and let the deluge fall where it may!”

    The attack is on the industrial revolution and the purpose is to restore the poverty of the 18th century to better make the world a place for oligarchs to rule. The whole connection between CO2 and global warming is to provide a justification to suppress fossil fuels and the modern industry based on them.

    It is one part of an effort to suppress all alternative forms of energy currently discovered such as nuclear power and censor all scientific work which might alter the currently perceived scientific paradigm to discover and develop new energy possibilities.

    Energy financing is is given only to programs of great inefficiency and ultimate unworkability such as wind, solar, biogas and the like.

    This program has been operative through the 20th century and has nearly culminated its work in the currently rapidly approaching energy disaster.

    There is nothing accidental about this!

  6. Energy is not in short supply at all. What is in short supply is the guts and imagination to try new things and defy entrenched special interests. Electricity can be produced with out fuels of any sort by magnetic repulsion engines that drive generators. Such machines can supply the power needed to crack water into hydroxy gas to power vehicles or just to supply electricity where needed. Nuclear and fossil fuels are obsolete!

  7. “Without energy the economy stops dead, money and credits become worthless , food is not grown, and billions die, all because an Ologist barked up the wrong 4000 year old tree.”

    I think the blame must be placed with the NWO oligarchs who are paying for the AGW hoax, as proven by the Senate Report “Environmental Chain of Command”.

    JW’s comment here is exactly right.

  8. The entire AGW fraud depends on that Hockey stick graph, whether the individual barked up the right tree or the wrong tree, he made a choice in doing so.
    If that choice was to continue the Climate Political Green misdirection in company with others of a similar likeminded political viewpoint, then the result is a scientific fraud, with Financial Implications for the Western World, even if the fraud was carried out in the UK in the East Anglia Uni Climate Department at the time, the US Federal Wire Fraud laws still apply as the wire fraud passed though US routers.
    The WIKI editing is one of the basis, for the so called consensus of 67 likeminded climate Ologists all of them mislead by the corruption of WIKI.

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