Worcester, Massachusetts beats 59-year-old snowfall record

A total of 14.4 inches of snow was recorded at Worcester Regional Airport on Tuesday.

Thats set a record for the date, the Weather Service said. The previous record was 11.5 inches of snow on March 14, 1958.



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8 thoughts on “Worcester, Massachusetts beats 59-year-old snowfall record

  1. According to Aljazeera TV-channel, NASA has proclaimed last month as globally the second hottest month on record.

    • Anyone that tells you that you can calculate accuracy to one hundredth of a degree from a dataset where the accuracy is really about one degree accurate is a liar.

      And that is what they do – they tell us 2016 was a few hundredths of a degree hotter based on a dataset produced largely by observing mercury in glass thermometers ?

      • Not that I ever take any NASA announcement seriously. I take it with a pinch of salt even when the discovery of new earth-like planets is announced.

        I did a course in statistics about 50 years ago. If I remember correctly, it was a principle of statistics that final numbers should not have more decimals than the raw data from which they were derived.

        • You are right about that statistics class Deon!

          Also, I worked for a time as a data manager for a medical research project… and I wrote a computer program to help one of the lab techs check her work for quality control. She made a point of telling me that I needed to make sure any results I sent her showed the same number of digits after the zero as what the instrumentation she was using could measure… neither too many, nor too few. Back in the day when most scientists actually where trained to be scientists.

  2. Worcester always seems to get the odd weather in MA. I grew up about 50 miles from there (and for those of you outside of the US or living outside of MA, it’s pronounced “Woo-sta” .. with a kind of breathy Woo with a bit more emphasis on it).

    Back when I was little they had the first tornado the state ever had… since it was huge and no one there had ever experienced a tornado before, a lot of people didn’t know what it was and hundreds of people died in it. One of the very first things I remember in my life was my mom holding my hand and taking me outside to see the green sunset, which she thought was beautiful. Later, when she heard what it was on the radio and that so many people died, I remember her crying about it.

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