World’s 7th longest river defies spring – Video

19 May 2018 – By this time of year, boats are usually plying the ice-free Ob River in western Siberia, but in 2018, although the ice covering the river has begun to move like a giant monster – it has not cleared.

The thick ice is slowly drifting downstream in a northerly direction towards the Arctic Ocean. With temperatures still an unseasonal -5C, this could go on a while.

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6 thoughts on “World’s 7th longest river defies spring – Video”

  1. That’s what a glacier does, pushes everything ahead of it including carving up mountains, a city or town is going to be a minor blip in the way.
    Have a look at the lakes of the South island of New Zealand that have been carved out by previous glaciers.

  2. its impressive
    but i liked the lakes in usa doing the slow creepy tinkly glass effect onshore invasion i saw here n elsewhere some winters ago.

    theres a clip on youtube of some russian guys blasting ice to prevent jamming and ice dams forming
    used too much kaboom and didnt move much ice but ruined a huge amount of the towns windows instead.;-)

  3. If the next continental ice age takes place in Canada Canadians will be moving south whether they want to or not.

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