Yakima River Canyon – Icy water flowing into the desert

Short video from “Nick on the Rocks.”

The majestic river canyon meanders across the central Washington desert–apparently blasting directly through three large ridges. What came first? The river or the rock?

This video by “Nick on the Rocks” gives us the answere.

Nick Zentner is the science outreach and education coordinator for the Department of Geological Sciences at Central Washington University. He has produced more than 40 short videos about Central Washington geology.

4 thoughts on “Yakima River Canyon – Icy water flowing into the desert”

  1. Ther’s still a lot fo Snow in Russia – IA “Meteonovosti”

    Despite the warm weather, established in the northern half of the European territory, it is not yet possible to melt the snowdrifts completely. The snow still lies in the north of the Arkhangelsk region, including in the Nenets Autonomous District and in most areas of the Komi Republic, with the exception of the extreme south-west. The height of the snow cover varies from 1 to 38 cm, in the extreme northeast of the Komi snowdrifts are kept more than 1 meter high, and in the east of the Nenets Autonomous District – up to 116 cm.

    On the Asian territory, the entire northern half is still under snow, and its greatest height is observed in the lower Ob River, up to 138 cm.

  2. Also raining consistently at Lake Tahoe. They’ll complain it’s melting snowpack, however it is adding moisture consistently, even if it’s not the rainy season. After a while, they make up for February.

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