Yakutia – Wet snow and first frosts in mid-August

From the 16th to 17th in the agricultural regions of Yakutia, as well as in the south of the Tomponsky and Aldan regions and in the vicinity of the capital of the republic – Yakutsk – the air and the soil surface will freeze to -3ºC, in the northeast to -2.7°C, in the northwest to -4°C, accordingto Meteonosti-RU.

Over the northeast of Yakutia small and moderate rains will remain in some places, with wet snow … and on Saturday night the air will freeze to -3°C.

**The very first frosts in the current year, 2020, were observed in Yakutia in Kolyma on the night of July 31 to August 1.


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6 thoughts on “Yakutia – Wet snow and first frosts in mid-August”

    • The occurrence of sporadic frost (or even snow) even in summer is nothing new for its residents. It is a region with exceptional continentality.

  1. friend in UFA says his summers been cold and thunder n rain for what feels like weeks, thats Bazkortishan area NOT the nth areas at all. hes been unwell and really needs the sunshine and some warmth to heal

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