Yale’s Two Climate Bombs

“This video was an attempt to use ONLY the mainstream science and demonstrate that you don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist or a “denier” to believe cooling is coming,” says reader. “You just need to believe in mainstream science 🙂”


Mainstream scientists are seeing signals of cold everywhere they look, but apparently can’t believe their own eyes.

Thanks to Adoni and Mickey Russell for this video

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  1. Theres is still NO greenhouse effect. Even on Venus. Venus is hot because of other factors. Very slow rotation, huge pressure very hot surface, 20 mill miles closer to Sun. etc.
    They dont care about space weather OR anybody that doesnt speak the dogma.

    • Have the Earth get 20 million miles closer to the sun (like Venus) and it won’t matter how much CO2 is in the air – we are done.

      Have the earth get 34 million miles further from the sun (like Mars) and it won’t matter how much CO2 we have, we are frozen.
      Mars CO2 level is 237,500 times greater than earth. Not a typo – 95% CO2 on Mars vs. 400/1,000,000 CO2 on earth.

      The AGW scientists call such facts distractions.

      • Mars still achieves nice warm atmospheric temperatures of ~20°C despite the atmosphere being less than 1/2% of Earth’s.

        For interest use NASA’s planetary fact sheet atmospheric data and calculate the ideal gas law temperature for all planets with atmospheric data. See how PV = nRT gives the right answers while the so-called “blackbody” temperature is never anywhere close to correct.

  2. I find ‘your’ out of the blue comment about “methane release” to be none less than foolish talk. This is Yale talk for ‘humans are responsible for global warming.’ Lousy addition to your blog, which I normally find to be factual and very interesting ( i follow the links to confirm). Then the comment from your contributor: ” the last few 100,000 years to confirm this result’ to again be total bull crud.
    And what is it with these new pseudo scientific terms, like ‘more albeido’.
    Keep to science.
    Jim s.
    b.s physics

    • What is wrong with ‘more albeit’ ? Other than the spelling which I assume is yours.

      Are you claiming albedo is not highly variable from place to place and time to time ?

      Albedo, due predominantly cloud cover, is so obviously the principle driver of weather yet it is assumed by the “radiative balance” believers to be static ? The surface albedo is much lower than the cloud top atmospheric albedo and the humidity of the atmosphere absorbing IR from the Sun and the surface albedo is relatively static for large parts of the globe. Only the land surfaces tend to change due to vegetation or ice and snow and these are likely not static.

      I don’t get the point of your criticisms.

  3. Interesting video. You’ll get more out of it if you set the speed to .75 because he speaks too quickly to allow reflection.

  4. i might have 20 to 30 yrs left..I AM really going to have a lotof good laughs coming watching the entire warmist propaganda/nwo scam fall to bits
    I will enjoy it far more if they have the guts n integrity to sue jail and penalise the mongrels for the global damage theyve caused, as well as money stolen under false premise

    • Well Laurel to some extent I agree with you (tho I probably only have 20 years at most). But I do not think they haev guts in integrity… not the
      “special snowflakes” at least.

      Time for some new cartoons!! … what I would like in my *cartoon* (ooh Hillary, are you going to get this banned??) is if we get to watch them screaming at the sky for having falling snow … young men in skinny jeans crying because somebody (maybe some old ladies)_hit them with a snowball… or maybe dropping off the edge of a glacier like the lemmings so many of them are … and instead of making a huge splash turning into frozen popsicles on the way down. (Mind you, this is Evil Jean speaking!)

  5. No One Denies that Climate Always Changes.
    That charge is insidiously Bogus..

    Because Trillions of Carbon Tax Dollars are at stake, expect the Charlatans who Lie about Climate, to continue to say Whoppers to protect that huge flow of $$$ entering their coffers…

    As Winters get stronger, more people doubt “Global Warning.” .. And when it really hits the fan?… Big Brother shall say ( as Geo. Orwell penned with his, “WAR_IS_PEACE ! ) … “COLD_IS_WARM!”

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but the MOC of 9 years average in series of 3 to complete a 27 yr – 30 yr cold or hot cycle injections from the Atlantic into the Arctic, is what drives the warming and cooling trends, creating the El ninos and La ninas southward into the Northern Hemisphere?
    How can melting ice from Arctic which has briefly dropped below -32 f the entire winter be injecting any cold waters into the streams?

    Always imagined methane to be released from volcanic and seismic activities causing earth degassing.
    Albeido’s main culprit will be found to have main links to out-gassing of volcanoes above and below the sea eh.

    Anyway…… makes one sit back and pause……, do any of these so called scientist’s ever see the physical light of day and collect raw data for themselves to compare cause and effect? LOL!!! LOL!!!
    With a SIGH thrown in for effect.

    See ya

    • The source of the “fresh water” – really less salty water is the Beaufort Gyre not warm air. The gyre accumulates “fresh” water as surface ice melts underneath. Since fresh water floats over salt water until it is mixed, the result can be surprising when a pulse is released southward. Fresh water also has a warmer freezing point than salt water. If surface temperatures in the open ocean are cold enough, you have a rapidly growing ice pack when the fresh water meets open air. The normal periodic discharge of the Beaufort Gyre, which usually happens every five to seven years has failed to show up as expected for awhile. That is one of the Yale “fails” in the video.

      The last time this occurred – a delayed discharge of the gyre – was in the 1960s and ’70s – “the Great Salinity Anomally.” It was a period when we used to see exactly one annual snowfall every year at my parents ranch in the western Sierra Nevada foothills. Throughout the time I was in high school (latter 1960s) the annual snow fall increased each year until the early ’70s when we had six inches of snow at my parents place, and I spent weeks cutting up downed live and black oaks. The back-porch thermometer registered 3-degrees Fahrenheit one morning, astonishingly cold for the elevation (less than 2,000 ft). It peaked in the early ’70s and then the annual snow went away as the ’70s drought that no one seems to remember any more started up. Restrooms in Northern California often had stickers that would read more or less, “Please Remember to Flush. L.A. Needs the Water.”

      • Exactly Duster, the 27 yr – 30 yr warming Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation cycles of warm to cold water injections into the Arctic affects the gyre releases. When the warm waters are prevalent, allows the sub-ice layer to melt creating fresh water. On the flip side of the coin as the 27-30 yr cold injections are in place there is no to minimal base ice sheet melting taking place.
        Nice reply thanks for the info!

  7. @Watchdog
    They don’t even need to do that… they’ve already laid claim to the term “climate CHANGE.” The shift from “global warming” to climate change gave them the necessary latitude to keep the scam going ad-infinitum.

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