Yangtze River flooding, China – Short video

25 July 2020

Thanks to Stephen Bird for this video

“Holy shit,” says Stephen

8 thoughts on “Yangtze River flooding, China – Short video”

  1. Robert, did you see how the waves were acting in the first few seconds of the clip? This is how the Carolina Bays were created, except instead of river water, it was ocean water creating the waves and carving out the oles in the land.
    When the magnetic field reverses, it breaks down for a few hours. The continents are free to roam wherever they want to go because the forces holding them in place let go when magnetism is low. The oceans flow over the continents, wiping out everything they touch.
    This video is what rapid water flow looks like, except the scale is much smaller.

    By the way, did you ever figure out where the tektites found near Tunguska came from? They also found hem on the Moon…

  2. pretty awesome force to argue with.
    and from weather forecasts its NOT over yet by any means
    covid was bad enough a hit
    this and the mess and destruction following is going to knock china around badly.
    be nice if XI diverts away from his daft mil buildup n spends money of the peoples needs

  3. We shouldn’t be easy on them.
    I say let them fall to their knees and beg us for food. Then we’ll sell them wheat at 3 times the price!

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