Yellow alert for Iceland volcano as new caldera forms

Satellite images show a new caldera forming in the ice with a diameter of one kilometer (6/10ths of a mile) in Öræfajökull glacier.

Öræfajökull glacier is located in Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier.

Öræfajökull glacier in 2008 – Wikipedia

Although seismic activity has subsided in recent days, activity had increased activity in recent months.

Öræfajökull volcano hasn’t erupted since 1727, and although the alert has been raised to yellow, the Met Office says there are no signs of an imminent eruption.

In addition to the siesmic activity, a great sulphuric stench emanated from the river Kvíá last week.

“(The smell) suggests that a hydrothermal systems have opened up somewhere under the glacier in Öræfajökull volcano,” says a post on Iceland Geology. “This means that magma has now reached depth of 1 km or less.”

According to Wikipedia, Öræfajökull is an ice-covered volcano in south-east Iceland at the southern end of the Vatnajökull glacier. It is the largest active volcano in the country.

See photo of caldera:

Sulphur smell from Kvíá glacier river that comes from Öræfajökull volcano

Thanks to Laurel for this link

“The smelly river is a huge tipoff,” says Laurel. “Same happened prior to other kabooms;-)”

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  1. A caldera or a cauldron? I think they have aerial pics of an ice cauldron forming . Bit of difference there. A caldera is formed when a volcano collapses into it’s own magma chamber. Big event.

  2. Agung in Bali has finally shown some activity.
    As I type this there a some small Phreatic eruptions occurring.

    This may or may not lead on to something bigger.

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