Yellowstone eruption could trigger global warming AND an ice age

In one article, The Express manages to claim that an eruption will cause both warming and cooling. How’s that for having it both ways?

Concerning the recent earthquake swarm at Yellowstone National Park, The Express warns that an eruption could cause global warming. Here’s a direct quote from the article:

“Italian geologist Mario Tozzi warned Yellowstone’s eruption could cover the entire United States, cause a the planet’s temperature to rise and a reduction of the polar ice caps. 

It would lead to a rise in sea levels worldwide – submerging Venice, New York and London.”

However, further down in the article – the same article – The Express has this to say:

“If a mega eruption of Yellowstone, one of the world’s largest supervolcanoes, happened so much toxic ash and moult on rock would be hurled into the atmosphere it could block out sunlight and trigger a nuclear-winter type effect or even a mini ice age. “

I love it. So scientific. I wonder what “moult on rock” looks like.

Just to be clear as to my stance, if Yellowstone should erupt in its supervolcano form, I think the entire planet would descend into an ice age within days.

Thanks to Periwinkle for this link – and for a good laugh.

28 thoughts on “Yellowstone eruption could trigger global warming AND an ice age”

  1. Well at least we have both bases covered for whatever happens – and funding to continue the study! Sounds like summer and winter all in one season!

  2. This is one of what I term,the shitory papers. They even insinuated that EU building regulations were at the root of the Grenfell horror, when in fact Germany had banned this cladding method years ago. I wouldn’t believe them if they said the sun was going to rise tomorrow

  3. After Pinotubo there is no question on the effect. The magnitude may be debatable but it is more about how cold it will get. Yellowstone would be at least an order of mag bigger, maybe two. The catastrophe this would create…food, displacement, financial collapse…all would be devastating.

  4. I know what “moult on rock” is –

    A’bunadh Scotch Whisky – 59.8% alcohol over ice – takes your breath away !!

  5. Perhaps ‘Moult on Rock’ is referring to a type of chicken ion the process of losing its Feathers? I mean in a hot world, who needs feathers? Just sayin’…

  6. It is of course possible for rapid warming to trigger a very strong cooling reaction leading to an ice age…..

  7. Pack your iced tea and hot cocoa for multi-purpose extrapolating view by propagating a melting of the flip coin into one entity and then swallowing it with a good Scotch whisky to rid ones self of the nasty intertwining.

  8. Tina.
    quote: “Sounds like summer and winter all in one season!”

    That would be the UK most summers.

    Not much Sunlight if any..
    Warmth Declines to the point where
    It is very Cold, Pipes Freeze & Burst
    Counter-Intuitively for some, Not much Rain…
    The Biota declines in areas thus affected..
    Crops and other Plant Growth – Fail..
    Animals dependent upon their normal Food – Vanish
    Transportation is affected by Icy-Road Conditions..
    Keep X-Tra Water, Food, Clothing and Generator Fuel
    OR.. Head to Warmer Climes..

  10. You really have to wonder if these folks live outside of the concrete jungle. IF ANY of the 10 or so super volcanos decide to express themselves, I don’t really think it is going to matter much if it is going to get hot or get cold. the amount of ash and dust in the air alone will kill…lets say 10 to 15 percent of critters with lungs. I would predict that starvation from world wide famine and bad water would take another 25 percent over the following decade. Then if you are lucky enough to survive that, you had better be able to fend off those who cant fend for themselves and want what you have.
    Nope, I don’t think modern people have a clue. These folks need to look at ancient history and learn what really happens when a global event occurs.

    • Most are too mentally lazy to even think about learning from history. Instead they will tell you to shut up and have faith in the MSM and the government and sit down and get medicated and entertained by various drinks, drugs and the boob tube.
      Archaeologists will be examining their fossilized remains after the next major glaciation.

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