Yellowstone Hotspot Acting Up?

Perhaps this is why the water in those Idaho hot springs  is boiling.

“As the North American Plate has moved WSW over the hotspot that is now Yellowstone it has left a deep trail of connected magma chambers under the landscape,” says reader Andrew Stranglen.


“The older magma chambers to the West are cooled and extinct, while the recent ones closer to Yellowstone are more than likely still quite hot.”

“The Heise Volcanic Field deep magma chambers are probably responsible for this particular Hot Spring.”

According to Wikipedia, the Yellowstone hotspot, also known as the Snake River Plain-Yellowstone hotspot, is responsible for large scale volcanism in Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming, United States. It created the eastern Snake River Plain through a succession of caldera forming eruptions.


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Thanks to Andrew Stranglen for this link

5 thoughts on “Yellowstone Hotspot Acting Up?”

  1. huge area of what has to be “at risk” of kaboom sometime
    no wonder usa govt has “plans” to evac population to aus if she blows
    might have been wise to ask us down under first though

  2. The current administration in the White house has developed a contingency plan on how to deal with the disaster that would follow any eruption.


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