Yet Another Icebreaker Stuck in Unexpectedly Thick Arctic Ice

5 Mar 2020 – The Russian icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn has been stuck for days in unexpectedly thick Arctic sea ice. She was on her way to support the MOSAiC expedition –a crew of “climate change experts” aboard a German icebreaker, the RV Polarstern, who intentionally marooned themselves near the North Pole at a cost of $158 million to ‘study the impact of climate change on the Arctic and how it affects the rest of the world’ (full article here). But now, the Kapitan Dranitsyn requires assistance herself, and a THIRD icebreaker, the Admiral Makarov, departed from Murmansk on March 3.

Two icebreakers – count em, TWO! – the Polarstern and the Kapitan Dranitsyn stuck in Arctic sea ice (Credit: Rosomport)

On Feb 3, 2020 the Kapitan Dranitsyn set sail from the Norwegian seaport of Tromso to exchange crew and researchers aboard the intentionally marooned vessel, its route traversing the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean.

Encountering some of the most inclement weather conditions on Earth; perennial ice, ice, snow, and strong compression, the Kapitan Dranitsyn found it difficult to move, on some days traveling less than 20 miles (32 km), finally reaching the marooned icebreaker on Feb 28.

With temperatures regularly running below -30C (-22F) and windchills as low as -58C (-72F), the channels of open water left behind by the vessel quickly refroze, refroze so thick that the researchers could actually walk on them within a day.

When it tried to return to Tromso, the Kapitan Dranitsyn quickly became stuck in impenetrably thick sea ice, and a THIRD icebreaker, the Admiral Makarov, was dispatched from Murmansk on March 3 to assist.

The next crew change will probably be accomplished by air.

There is “no expense spared in the pursuit of pseudoscience,” says this article on Electroverse. “Hypocrisy abounds in the pursuit of environmentalism.”

See entire article:

Yet another Icebreaker finds itself Stuck in Unexpectedly Thick Arctic Ice

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11 thoughts on “Yet Another Icebreaker Stuck in Unexpectedly Thick Arctic Ice”

  1. There is nothing about that in the Russian mainstream media, because the news contradicts the notion about warming.

  2. If you’re going to intentionally maroon yourself over the Arctic winter months why would you need assistance FROM ANOTHER SHIP? Did they not plan on enough supplies and fuel for the cold and ice? Or did someone get sick? Even if they were having a health issue, it’s better to fly a critically ill patient out to better facilities rather than ship them oversea.

    Not very smart scientists in my opinion.

  3. Unlike the southern summer 2013/2014 “Ship of Fools” expedition that was stuck aboard the ice-strengthened research ship, Akademik Shokalskiy, in Antarctica, the three ships involved this winter are all true icebreakers. Hope the scientists are acquiring some useful data. If it does not support the CAGW theory, I wonder if it ever is published.

  4. A fantasy-trip sponsored by Angela Merkel , Mrs Vanderleyen and their poodle-czar Frans Timmermans , all candidate-nobellaureates famous for burning money for absolutely crazy purposes that even Monty Python was unable to imagine . By the way where was Gretha Thunberg when the boat left ? Do we miss something here ?

  5. Where to begin?
    The average icebreaker uses a dozen diesel generators to produce roughly 26,000 kw of electricity, or 35,000 hp.

    A Prius hybrid (the type of car these “green” scientists would have us all drive) uses about 75 hp.

    Basically, a fleet of 460 fuel efficient cars can run on the amount of horse power as ONE ice breaker. Now, multiply that number by 3 and you have almost 1400 tail pipe emissions spewed out daily daily, to study the catastrophic impact of, wait for it… tail pipe emissions.

    Of course, comparing huge, cumbersome icebreakers to compact cars is like comparing apples to orangutans. Seems these icebreakers get locked in for days, and despite not moving, they need to run some of their generators for heat, lights, communication, refrigeration, etc. all without moving an inch!

    Factor in the “scientific” labs and offices used by these charlatans, in dozens of countries, and the supply line logistics, and the CO2 emitted by this folly in inestimable, but suffice it to say, that it is pumping the equivalent plant food into the atmosphere as many thousands of automobiles and many hundreds of homes PER DAY.

    Of course that’s before factoring in the almost certain need for huge cargo helicopters to move personel and supplies, while the fleet of ships sits hopelessly mired in meters of global warming.

    All I can say is, keep up the good work, the planet needs concerned “scientists” like you.


  6. -72F without wind chill. Breathe that in deeply without a face covering or protection and your lungs would freeze. Let that sink in.

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